75th Instancing

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I've been a bit stupid.

In separating the Instancing mechanics from the interface, I've separated the very easy part from the part everyone's been talking about.

So for the time being, consider this a primer for people (including myself) to fully understand the implications of instancing mechanics and problems.

Go ahead and put your objections and stuff here, in bite-sized, easily-parseable form. Maybe this'll be useful in giving us a good overview of what problems a new instancing scheme has to solve.

The Plan

There are only two categories of Ages, plus the neighborhoods.

Public Ages

  • Open areas in Ae'gura are public. Isolated areas are private and will be partially enumerated later. (1)
  • Individual neighborhoods are, strictly speaking, public as well. (It's the Bevin neighborhood prototype, not the 'hoods themselves, that can be said to be 'hood-instanced.) The new/revamped invitation and membership mechanisms can control access to each 'hood.
  • Perhaps there should be one Bevin-type neighborhood (Bevin itself?) that is entirely public, for neighborhood story events.

Private Ages

All areas not listed above are private. This includes all ABM/PotS/MO:UL Ages, even the formerly 'Hood instanced ones. It seems to me that the main problem with the instancing of these Ages is controlling who gets end-of-Age rewards.

  • For the Uru Prime/PotS Ages, you can only "complete" the Age in your private instance.
  • For the MO:UL gardens and such with extremely limited gameplay mechanics, you can complete the Age in any instance.

In addition, certain areas of Ae'gura are private:

  • The Tokotah journal rooftop
  • The Kadish gallery
  • Balconies
  • The Great Zero
  • Etc.


Name of objection.

Content of objection goes here. This should be one or two sentences concisely describing the objection or alleged exception to the rules stated in The Plan.

  • Anyone with a concise rebuttal to an individual exception may post it in an italic list item after the exception text. Conversation threads deeper than one objection and its top-level rebuttals should probably be moved to the talk page.

(1) There were several areas of MO:UL that made isolated areas private, the end result was the creation of several "ghost" Cities. If your trying to clean up instancing the publicly viewable "isolated areas" need public views. Isolated Areas