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The New Greeters

The Guild of New Greeters, for a Better D'ni.

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This article contains tips, hints, walkthroughs or details of game content in preparation that may spoil your future enjoyment of the game: Read on at your own risk!

View of Ae'gura from above the city's courtyard.

Ae'gura is the capital city of D'ni where many of the most important government structures are located, including the Guild Hall and the Great Zero. It is usually referred to as "The City" while the various neighborhoods on the cavern wall are called the "City Proper". It is the grandest island in the cavern and is noticeable by the large arch entryway, Kerath's Arch, located in the bay.


  • Ferry Terminal - Located at the bottom of the Great Stairs. You start out with this link in your Nexus.
  • Kahlo Pub - Located about halfway up the Great Stairs, accessible via a broken down wall.
  • Takotah Alley - An alleyway just off the Courtyard.
  • Takotah Rooftop - Workplace of some of the DRC. Linked to via a Bahro Stone in Eder Gira. See Eder Gira and Eder Kemo.
  • Courtyard - At the top of the Great stairs, noticeable by the large, hollowed out stone spire in the middle and DRC tent nearby.
  • Museum - Just beyond the DRC tent, noticable by the large door.
  • Hall of Kings - At the top of a set of stairs from the courtyard. DRC reports about the various D'ni kings can be found here.
  • Kadish Gallery - Found by taking the stairs near the Great Stairs down to a set of double doors with a blue button on each. See Kadish Tolesa.
  • Concert Hall Entrance - Continue past the entrance to the Kadish Gallery and up some stairs to find this. Sadly, the concert hall cannot be entered.
  • Library - Continue past the Concert Hall until you cross a wooden bridge and come to an intersection. Turn right and follow it all the way down. The library is at the end.

There is a map in the courtyard by the DRC tent that can help guide you to most of these destinations.

Nexus Terminals

In certain locations, there are various pedestals called Nexus terminals where you can insert your KI, much like the slot in your Nexus itself, and add that location to your Nexus for easier navigating of the city. They are located in:

  • Ferry Terminal (You start with this one)
  • Takotah Alley
  • Outside Hall of Kings
  • Concert Hall Foyer
  • Outside Library

Linking Books and Bahro Stones

These are the locations of the various Linking Books and stones in Ae'gura:

  • Pod Age Books (4) - Located on pedestals in the museum. You'll find four, one for Negilahn, Dereno, Payiferen and Tetsonot.
  • Minkata Book - Located in the library. There is a book of commentary next to the Linking Book needed to solve the Age.
  • Jalak Dador Book - Located in the library, on the pedestal next to the Minkata book.
  • Descent Bahro Stone - At the end of Takotah Alley, near the drop, behind some rubble.
  • Kadish Tolesa Bahro Stone - Located behind the outside of the library on the upper lever. Takes you to the top of the pyramid in Kadish Tolesa.
  • Teledahn Bahro Stone - At the end of the path just past the Nexus terminal in the Ferry Terminal. Links to a dock in Teledahn.

The Bahro stones have a habit of disappearing and reappearing at random intervals, so if they are not where they are supposed to be, don't worry. Keep coming back and trying again.

Relto Pages and Additions

The ferry terminal.
  • Sun and Moon Page - Located in the museum between the four Pod Age books.
  • Music Cannen - On the upper landing in Kadish Gallery. You'll need the Music Cannen page from Descent first. Adds the music from the gallery to your cannen on Relto.

Marker Quests

There are many markers located in Ae'gura at various spots. See Great Zero for a list of each.


Any time a city location is accessed from the Nexus, it links to the public instance of the city. If you use the book on your Relto shelf, or the stone in the Neighborhood, it takes you to your neighborhood's instance of Ae'gura. There is no personal instance of the city.

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