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Okay, if any of you have already built an Age, then exported it with Max, you more than likely got a nasty surprise when you tried to link into your Age using Uru:CC or any of the standalone version of Uru.

That's because Cyan's Plugin exports for use with the current version of Uru Live, MOUL:a.

If you have started up a server using the Open Source version of MOUL:a, your export will work fine. However, if you are going to use the stand alone version of Uru to test your Age you will need to use something special.

Dustin has provided you all with an excellent tool that will still allow you to test your Ages: it's called Drizzle.

Here are his instructions here:

Use Drizzle to convert these Moul files to Pots files for your offline game:

  1. Go to the Advanced->ManualConversion->Moul area
  2. Set the "Output folder" to your Pots/CompleteChronicles/Alcugs installation.
  3. For each prp file that 3dsmax created:
        1. Under "Process a single file" select the prp file that 3dsmax created, and click Start! 

Note that you have to create myagename.age, myagename.sum, and myagename.fni as well, but you only have to do that once, or wait for the next Drizzle version, where this step is automatically done for you.

You can also find his instructions Drizzle at the UAM Wiki.Broken Link look at Guild of Writers Link Here.

You can find the latest copy of Drizzle by clicking on the word. Or if you already have Drizzle installed, you can use it to check and see if you have or need to download the latest stable release. Again Broken link see line above.

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