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The Baron's Office is a location in the D'ni capital of Ae'gura that was used by the D'ni owner of the Age of Teledahn, and later, DRC associate Douglas Sharper. There is an open window/balcony with a viewing scope that overlooks the courtyard and much of the island down below. Some of Sharper's work (including his journal) and artifacts from Teledahn are located here. It can only be reached via a hidden Linking Book in Teledahn.

Linking Books and Bahro Stones

  • Teledahn Linking Book - Links you back to the room you used to get here.
  • Teledahn Bahro Stone - Brings you to a stump that overlooks the Age.

Marker Quest

During the "green" and "red" marker quests (See Great Zero), there is a marker located near the three paintings where you linked in.


  • During both URU Live and Myst Online: URU Live, Sharper's journal was updated by Cyan occasionally to reflect recent events that had been happening in the cavern. There was a second journal that detailed the Path of the Shell part of the game, but it has since disappeared. The single journal on the desk is from the MOUL/Gametap era and chronicles those events.
  • Usually during the month of December, a Christmas tree appears.

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