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I'll add more to these as I run into them.

Here are some common error reports you might see when exporting your Age from Max:

"Object has suspicious UVW coordinates."

The plugin is complaining that it doesn't like your UV coordinates, mainly because you do not have some sort of UV modifier on the object. This is very common if you've imported an object that you built using another 3D program, such as Blender. You can click on "No" for abort, and your object should look fine.

"Responder has no node attached to it."

You can't get past this one, as the export will abort. This is caused when you've made a responder and have added states to it, but did not define what object. Common examples of this happening would be, you made something that is animated and have a responder to play the animation. Later, you changed the object and reassigned the same responder to it again. That is fine, but it you'll have to go back into the Component Utils tab on that object for that responder, and reassign the object (node) for it. That will clear up this error.

"Appears you are skipping a time frame....." (or something like this).

This is caused when you have either an object animation or a material animation who's time frame exceeds what your time bar is currently set at (should not matter, I know, but the plugin does get upset about it). Example: you have some object that animates for a full minute. That would be 1800 frames. Later, you had another object that only animates for like 3 seconds, so you changed your time bar so that only 100 frames are shown, to make some sort of adjustment, and then you left the time bar set to that. You'll get this error upon export if you do. Simply change your time bar's setting to either be at the maximum animation you have in your Age, or beyond.

"Unknown Error. plConvert."

There are many, many things that can cause this error to pop up. Everything from not having all your Subworld children on the same PageInfo, to simply trying to use a Plasma Component in a way that it was not meant to be used. Because this error is so general and does not point to any one common cause, it would be best to try and export right after you've tried something new, or some group of work (like building an elevator, etc). That way you will know that this error has something to do with something you have just done. Else it will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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