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This page contains draft content
The content of this page is a "work-in-progress" and is subject to change. Do not place undue reliance on the completeness or accuracy of the material presented here!


Does Cyan actually know you're doing this?

Yes. Please see the official announcement on the forums:

Content to be advised.

I want to play NOW. Where do I download the game?

You can play on the official Cyan Worlds MOULagain server by downloading the client from

How is this licensed

The client and plugin source originally developed by Cyan Worlds is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). However, note that some of the necessary libraries and SDKs are subject to incompatible licenses and cannot be re-distributed within a GPL package. Please refer to the licensing summary:

Content to be advised.

Is it now legal to run a public shard?

Yes, provided that you use only Open Source or independently developed products and respect the rights and licenses applicable to any content.

Is it now legal to run a public (or private) shard using the "Complete Chronicles" or "Until Uru" codebase?

No. Only the Myst Online: Uru Live codebase has been open sourced. All other Cyan developed or licensed products are still subject to the applicable copyright and End User License Agreements.

Where do I get the content?

For the time being, it is expected that the MOULagain server will supply the Cyan Worlds developed content.

What's the license on the content?

Cyan produced content is still covered by the End User License Agreement for MOULagain; there is presently no license that permits redistribution or modification of content.


Why are there empty folders?

You will find several empty folders in the source code structure: These are where libraries and SDKs have been removed. These are items that cannot be freely redistributed except as part of compiled application. Generally, the missing elements can be downloded from the licensor by the developer.

How do I get this to build?

Please refer to the build guidance notes:

Content to be advised.

Please note that this was built by Cyan using custom Python scripts and C++ code, not the Microsoft IDE Project files that are present.


I want to set up a shard. How do I download and run a server?


Where's the Cyan server download?

Cyan needs to do more work on the server code to prepare it for Open Source - it won't be soon. However MOSS is an alternative Open Source server.

What's this MOSS thing?

MOSS is an Open Source server for Myst Online Uru Live. Please see the MOSS project page for further details.


Where are the sources for the 3ds Max Plugin?

The plugin shares much of the codebase with the client. Consequently there is no separate source download for the plugin - you will need to download the combined client and plugin source.