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David's Journey is a fan based multi Age expansion into Uru. David's Journey is an ambitious project to combine the talents of the Uru community to make Cyan quality Ages tied together with an engaging storyline and background.


(Note, most of this is still in the planning stage. Changes in plot structure, characters, and Age design may occur without notice. Also, there is a lot more developed that would simply ruin the surprise - especially in a nonspoilerized wiki page - and so is not put here.)

Basic Plot In David's Journey (working title), explorers will have to join together to discover the secrets in the Ages monitored by the engineer David Ingram. This will include: - five mysterious Ages, such as the burial Age for an eccentric poet's wife and the post-Fall fortress of a band of D'ni refugees - a band of expressive and realistic characters both friendly and suspicious - several minigames to build important Age exploring skills - fantastic and dynamic environments with interactive creatures and puzzles - an intricate plot involving lots of explorer participation - and, of course, some rewards

Development Few people are good at everything. In the David's Journey project, people can focus on what they enjoy most and what they are best at. Those who are skilled at making textures can focus on making textures, while those who record sounds can focus on recording sounds (there is nothing against someone who wants to focus on both making textures and recording sounds, though, if that is what they specialize in). Generally, we are looking for: - Age Builders: those who can model and/or texture Ages in Blender - Programmers - Plot/character developers - Actors (to play the characters) - Writers (D'ni and English [and translations]) - Concept Artists and artistic design

To Join

We need many more talented people in many different fields of experience. Currently, we especially need concept artists, experienced Age builders, and coordinators.

If you want to join a friendly and creative team to build Uru Ages, then David's Journey will be happy to bring you into the team. We're working with the Mi'Zhika project in deviantArt, another Uru Age building group. To join, go there or PM one of us (PM Gehn, lord of ages) here in the OpenUru forums and ask to join.

Other ways to help

If you have a specific way you want to help, but do not want to join the team, comment on our forum, or send a PM to someone on the team with suggestions or advice.

There's a Suggestion topic if you want to suggest a certain idea to us.