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Deirdre Karris

September 3, 2015

Surface name: unknown

Kingman, Arizona, USA

"Deirdre Karris" was the name of the Facebook account for the Uru avatar, Deirdre, known as Deirdre_1 on the forums. A long time Myst/Uru fan who joined the community by the end of 2003, she participated in Until Uru, D’mala, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) and MOULAgain.[1] Deirdre was active in the cavern music community as both a regular attendee and sometimes DJ at the Friday Night Dance Parties, broadcasting her own events, attending the weekly Karaoke event and helping to organize the 2015 CavCon Awareness Event.[2]

Memberships: Ubisoft Forums (Nov 2003), MOUL Forum (May 2006), DRC Forums (Jan 2007), URU After Dark (WM)

Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by Patricio: Deirdre Karris Memorial Service; Guild of Messengers news report, September 9, 2015: Memorial Service: Deirdre Karris (WM); MOUL forum post by dreammaster4: Deirdres memorial
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