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This article contains tips, hints, walkthroughs or details of game content in preparation that may spoil your future enjoyment of the game: Read on at your own risk!

Dunny Age
Part of the Myst Walkthrough
Type Small Age
Link-in point Center of Room

Dunny Age (Or as it's referred to in further Myst games, "D'ni") is the age in which Atrus has been trapped.


Not much is revealed about Dunny in Myst. What is seen of Dunny in Myst is nothing more than a circular room housing a few shelves, some rock debris, and a stone desk that Atrus sits at while he writes.



Being the last age in the game, your successful completion of Myst is dependent upon previous choices you made in the game. Provided you have ignored the advice of the brothers, there are two possible Dunny endings in the game.

The first one is if you link to Dunny without the Myst book page. Linking to Dunny and approaching Atrus at his desk in this scenario provokes this response:

Ah, my friend. You've returned. We meet face to face! And the page, did you bring the page? You didn't bring the page. You didn't bring the page. What kind of fool are you! Ugh! (sigh) Did you not take my warning seriously? (sigh) Welcome to D'ni. You and I will live here, forever.
— Atrus Dunny speach, bad ending

In the second ending, the one where you bring the Myst book page, Atrus provides this response:

Ah, my friend. You've returned! And the page, did you bring the page? Ah, give it to me. Give me the page. Please, give the page. The page, my friend, the page.

You've done the right thing. I have a difficult choice to make.

My sons have betrayed me. I know what I must do. I shall return shortly.

(Returns briefly to Myst Island to destroy the Prison Books)

Hmm... it is done. Oh, I have many questions for you, my friend, but, uh, my writing cannot wait.

I fear that my long delay may have already had a catastrophic impact on the world in which my wife, Catherine, is now being held hostage.

Oh, and reward; I, I'm sorry but all I have to offer you is the, the library on the island of Myst, the books that are contained there. Feel free to explore at your leisure. I hope you find your explorations satisfying. You will no longer have my sons to deal with.

Oh, and, uh, one more favor: I am fighting a foe much greater than my sons could even imagine. At some point in the future, I may find it necessary to request your assistance. Until that point, feel free to enjoy the explorations from my library on Myst. Thank you again.

(If the player stays there for too long after his speach:)

The book, you can use the Myst linking book to return to Myst.
—Atrus Dunny speach, good ending.

And that's it. If you successfully completed the good ending then you have won the game. Congratulations! Fell free to use the repaired Myst linking on his desk to explore the ages again.

And don't forget, Atrus may need your help again in the future. Maybe then he can help find a way back to where you, the Stranger, came from.