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The Explorers Memorial is a monument of four rings with a scrolling list of names, located just outside of the Kahlo Pub on Ae'gura Island in the game, Myst Online: Uru Live (MOUL). Below is a list of the names that currently appear on the memorial, both real people and fictional Non-Player Characters (NPCs). For more information on the real community members who have been lost to us, please visit the In Memoriam page.

Richard "ShadowCats" Bader ... Jeannie "jmb30321" Barcus ... Janet "Pehpsee" Burress ... CAGrayWolf ... James "Aquila" Carpenter ... Virginia "Terra" Cinova ... Al "Wamduskasapa" Edwards ... Willow "Wheely" Engberg* ... Cindy Farrar ... Gandhar ... Kees "Grassie73" Grashoff ... Ron Hayter ... Jahuti ... Maureen "Mo'zie" Jannot ... JDrake ... Katzi ... William “oldmanjob” Maier ... Len "Flyboy" Mumbower ... Myst'Aken ... Gorma Louise "GLO" O'Conner ... Perlenstern ... Mark “Zardoz” Plummer ... Ramsine ... Jim "Dust'ei" Rhodes ... Josef Riedl ... Sil-Oh-Wet ... Rosette Taylor* ... Don "Sailor86" Billow

* Non-Player (fictional) Characters who died as part of a story line in the cavern.


Prior to the installation of this memorial, community members had created memorial webpages/sites, memorials in other worlds (There, Second Life), and even their own Uru ages to honor fellow Myst/Uru community members who had died. Additionally, they had requested that Cyan create a memorial in Uru [1][2][3][4][5] and Cyan indicated as early as June 2006 that “something along these lines” was already planned.[6]

In early 2006, during the D’mala era, the NPC "Wheely" was introduced as being Willow Engberg, daughter of D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) member Michael Engberg. She spent quite a bit of time with the explorers in the cavern so that by May 2007, she was well known among the players and many were fond of her. On May 18, 2007, the NPC “Rosette” was introduced as a close friend of Wheely’s from Portland, Oregon.[7] The MOUL episode, “Scars” began May 19, 2007 with a “Safety Alert”(WM) KI-mail from the DRC warning explorers to be cautious in the Kahlo Pub area due to new cracks being discovered there. The next day, Wheely and Rosette were in the cavern doing marker missions. Other explorers, concerned for their safety, tried to convince the girls to stay out of the city, but failing that, joined them with the intention of keeping a watchful eye and steer them away from the dangerous area.[8] But the girls managed to slip away alone to the city and shortly thereafter, they disappeared from everyone's KI. DRC members and explorers began searching for them while other explorers held vigils and waited both in the cavern and on the forums for more news. Bahros were seen in the city and low rumbles were heard coming from the area of the Kahlo Pub where it was discovered the ceiling had collapsed. Explorers soon learned that Rosette had died in the cave in and Wheely was trapped there.[9] As the DRC attempted to rescue her all the next day, explorers anxiously listened to relayers in the cavern or watched the forums for any news.[10] On May 22nd, they were stunned to learn of her death just before rescuers were able to reach her.[11]


On June 26, 2007, DRC member Marie Sutherland unveiled the memorial outside of the Kahlo Pub saying, “It seems I should say something for this occasion, but I don't have the words. We have spent the last month trying to decide how to memorialize the explorers that we've lost. Nothing I can say will do justice to their memories, so I won't even try. But this will be a small token.”[12]

The initial names on the memorial at that time were Janet "Pehpsi" Burress, James "Aquila" Carpenter, "JDrake", Willow "Wheely" Engberg, Phil "phend" Henderson, Maureen "Mo'zie" Jannot, "Rasmine", Jim "Dust'ei" Rhodes, and Rosette Taylor. (“Rasmine” was actually “Ramsine,” a member of the German community which informed Cyan of the error and it was corrected.[13] Also, Janet "Pehpsi" Burress would be corrected to Janet "Pehpsee" Burress.[14])

Following the unveiling, the DRC sent a KI-mail to all explorers, “Wheely Memorial”(WM) announcing the memorial and requesting submissions of the names of other explorers who had passed away along with a description of how each contributed to the restoration.

The inclusion of NPC Phil "phend" Henderson on the memorial when it was initially installed was part of a story line in which the DRC believed he had died in 2003 when a wall in the cavern collapsed. Although his body was never found, he was presumed dead. However, phend re-appeared in the cavern on August 3rd, 2007 [15] and his name was removed from the memorial.[16] For some unknown reason, Phil's name was re-added to the memorial when the cavern re-opened in 2010,[17] but was eventually removed again.

Over the years, new names have been added. Three community members (CAGrayWolf, Jahuti, and Gandhar) died while the cavern was closed between April 2008 and January 2010 and their names were added when the cavern re-opened in 2010.

On February 20, 2010, Ghaelen and the Guild of Healers held a "Memorial and Welcome Home" event at the Kahlo Pub.[18] and on February 4, 2012, held a "Memorial Vigil" during the second anniversary celebrations of the cavern re-opening.[19]

A post made to the Uru Obsession forum on the day of the unveiling included a list of the names, but reported the name Maureen "Mo'zie" Jannot only as "Mo'zie" and the list was copied to other forums, including the Guild of Greeters[20] and MOUL[21]. Unfortunately, that list was used as a reference when the memorial was reactivated just before the cavern reopened in 2010. The error was discovered in the course of research for this project, RAWA was notified and the name was corrected on September 1, 2015.

The name, "Deirdre Karris" was added to the memorial on October 9th and removed on October 30, 2015.

Kees "Grassie73" Grashoff was added to the memorial in January 2016.

In January 2017, it was discovered that sometime shortly after the June 2007 unveiling, Janet "Pehpsi" Burress had been changed to Janet "Pehpsee" Burress. It is unknown exactly when or why, but theorized that it had been brought to Cyan's attention that the latter spelling was the one Janet had used for her cavern avatar. And, because the list of names assembled on the day of the unveiling was the one used as a reference, the former spelling was applied when the memorial was reactivated just before the cavern reopened in 2010. This error was corrected on January 9, 2017.

Gorma Louise "GLO" O'Conner and Al "Wamduskasapa" Edwards were added on February 22, 2017. Don "Sailor86" Billow was added in February 2018.


Requests for adding names to the memorial can be submitted to Cyan, using the format: <firstName> "<avatarName/nickName>" <lastName>.[22] Due diligence will be done to verify the person and their passing, so providing as much information as possible (i.e., proof) can expedite the process.

Anyone considering submitting a name not directly tied to an actual death should also consider the repercussions. The memorial is considered sacred by many community members, especially those who knew someone on it. Many of them do not even like that the names of the NPCs Wheely & Rosette are included and would likely be offended by the inclusion of a fake name or one linked to a falsely reported death.

List in Code

For the convenience of shard operators, below is the names list as of 23 Feb 2018 with coding in place to update it directly in the database.

SQL code for MOSS servers[23]
UPDATE textnote SET value = E'Richard "ShadowCats" Bader\nJeannie "jmb30321" Barcus\nJanet "Pehpsee" Burress\nCAGrayWolf\nJames "Aquila" Carpenter\nVirginia "Terra" Cinova\nAl "Wamduskasapa" Edwards\nWillow "Wheely" Engberg\nCindy Farrar\nGandhar\nKees "Grassie73" Grashoff\nRon Hayter\nJahuti\nMaureen "Mo\'zie" Jannot\nJDrake\nKatzi\nWilliam "oldmanjob" Maier\nLen "Flyboy" Mumbower\nMyst\'Aken\nGorma Louise "GLO" O'Conner\nPerlenstern\nMark "Zardoz" Plummer\nRamsine\nJim "Dust\'ei" Rhodes\nJosef Riedl\nSil-Oh-Wet\nRosette Taylor\nDon "Sailor86" Billow\n' WHERE title = 'MemorialImager';


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