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The Foundry uses single sign-on and identity management through Atlassian Crowd. This account is used for all the Foundry tools and code repositories except for the Mantis bug tracker which uses it's own account authentication.

Creating a Foundry Account

A Foundry account is separate from your Forum/Wiki account. To create your Foundry account, go to the main JIRA page and use the "Sign up" link under the main login fields, or follow this link:!default.jspa

Enter your account details and click on the "Sign up" button. Please note the following:

  1. All Foundry usernames are all lower case; please remember this if your Forum account uses uppercase characters.
  2. Although "Full name" is a required field, this does not need to be your real name. You may enter your username again here if you prefer (also note that this can be changed at a later date by opening your JIRA profile and editing your Details). The Full name will be used to identify any actions you perform in JIRA, Fisheye and Crucible (i.e. the Atlassian tools).

Using Repositories

You will need your own Foundry account if you want to commit files to a repository, but it will usually be possible to pull files using the "Guest account" (username: guest, password guest). Also, it may be possible to pull code from some repositories anonymously. As each project hosted on may set their own preferences in this regard, it is usually best to check for any specific guidance on the project's Wiki page or Forum threads.