Foundry Certificate Installation

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The OpenUru Foundry tools use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt transactions and to give confidence that you are connected to the correct server. Currently, this is a "self-signed" certificate and not one that has been validated by the main certificate authorities, so most browsers will display a warning when you navigate to one of the Foundry pages.

You can avoid these warnings by installing the certificate in your browser's certificate store. This can be done when you first visit the foundry, but the methods vary greatly accross browsers. It is perhaps easier to manually install the certificate before visting the Foundry. The certificate will also need to installed in repository tools (Mercurial or Subversion) using SSL to access the Foundry repositories.

Obtain the Certificate

Download a copy of the certificate fusing this link: Foundry Certificate

Browser Installation


Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Apple Safari


Repository Installation

TortoiseHg (Mercurial)

TortoiseSVN (Subversion)