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The New Greeters

The Guild of New Greeters, for a Better D'ni.

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Shorah, and welcome to the cavern! If you're reading this, you're either new to the game or need a bit of a refresher course. We here at the The New Greeters want to get you better acquainted with the basic workings of the game, and that's what we'll cover here.

Creating an Account

If you know of the game, you've no doubt discovered the Myst Online website. Clicking the “Play” button brings you to the webpage to download the game files and create an account. All you need is a valid e-mail and unique password. Once you confirm your account using the activation e-mail sent to you, and you've downloaded the files, you're set to go!

Note that when you first start the game, you may need to download a few updates. Just be patient. Once all that is done, you'll be asked to enter your e-mail and password and off you go! Next, you'll need to create a new avatar for use in the game. You get five slots for five different avatars (plus one visitor slot, but it is not of much use). Choose a name and gender for your avatar, then click Create. NOTE: The invitation function isn't working, so just disregard that.

After this, you'll get a chance to calibrate the brightness of your screen. Once that's done, click “Explore URU”. Up next, you will get to customize the look and clothing of your avatar. Play with all the options until you've got your avvie looking how you want (you'll be able to change it later). Click “Explore URU” once more.


Using The Keyboard

The arrow keys will move you forward, backward, turn left or right. Holding down SHIFT and the UP arrow key will make you run. Having CAPS LOCK on reverses walk and run. In other words, pressing the UP arrow with Caps Lock on will make you run instead of walk. Use the SPACEBAR to jump.

The Function keys:

  • F1 – Changes between first and third person view.
  • F2 – Brings up/opens/closes the KI (if you have one yet)
  • F3 – Brings up your Relto book to link there.
  • F4 – Settings Menu
  • F5 – Take a picture (need KI first)

There are also some avatar emotes that can be done with the CTRL and number keys and won't show up in the chat interface:

  • CTRL + 1 – Wave
  • CTRL + 2 – Laugh
  • CTRL + 3 – Clap
  • CTRL + 4 – Dance
  • CTRL + 5 – Talk
  • CTRL + 6 – Sneeze
  • CTRL + 7 – Sit down (press any movement key to stand again)

Other gestures that can be done by your avatar are covered in KI Emote List.

Using The Mouse

If you'd rather use your mouse to move about, that can be done too. Left-click to move forward and move your mouse around to make the avatar turn. Hold down both the left and right buttons (if you have both) to make the avatar run. If you have a middle button, that will back the avatar up. Right-clicking only then moving the mouse will move the camera view a bit (to a point) in third person, or cause you to look around in first person.

The mouse and keyboard can be used in tandem to move around, so you can use a mix of both if you prefer that.

Voice Chat

If you have a microphone set up properly, you can hold down the TAB key and speak. However, players without voice chat enabled in their settings will not be able to hear you.

First Linking In... Relto

When you first sign into your game, you will find yourself in Relto, the first of many Ages you're going to visit. This Age acts as a “home base” of sorts, as you'll inevitably keep linking back here after each adventure and it's always the first place you link to each time you sign in.

When you first get there, you'll find two distinct objects: your hut and a large pillar outside of it. Only you can open and close the door of your hut, so others that visit your Relto can't get in until you open it for them. In the hut, you'll find two sets of bookshelves, a lever, and a closet. The left bookshelf will house all the Books to the Ages you will visit as you play. The lever opens and closes your windows. The closet can change the appearance of your avatar any time you wish. The right bookshelf is unused at this time.

Outside, if you press the hand symbol on the pillar, it will open to reveal a Book. This is the place to start your journey if you choose to start alone (see Cleft for details). If you'd rather meet people right away, there is one book on the left bookshelf in your hut. It links to your neighborhood.

Your Relto Book

There are a few things to know about this particular book. It can be shared directly with other explorers to bring them to your Relto and explore your Ages together. Simply bring up the book (F3 or far left icon on lower screen), then click on it to open it. Click on the “Share Your Book” symbol on the left side, then click ONCE (then wait) on the avatar you'd like to share it with. You must be quite close for the click to work.

  • NOTE: Due to lag issues, you may find that once you click the “Share” symbol then try to click an avatar that there is an “X” through the cursor. This is a glitch and moving to another public place (like a hood) and trying it again usually solves this problem.

Also, as you progress through the game, you will find pages scattered throughout the Ages to add to your Relto book, and thus to Relto itself. You can flip the pages by clicking on the page with the Linking Panel (NOT the panel itself). Each page has a symbol which you can click to turn the effect on Relto on (bright green) or off (dark green). Remember that nobody can be on your Relto (including you) when you do this or the changes won't take effect. If you make a change and you're by yourself, you can use the Relto book and “relink” into the Age and the changes will take effect.

Sharing Age Books

If you'd like someone else to use one of your books, unlock it by clicking on the tab sitting at the top of the book (the one that flips up when you access it). This will flip the tab into the up position until you click it again. This can only be done on books with the “two hands” symbol, so not all of your books can be shared.

Getting Your KI

The first item you'll need to get is your KI. This is what you will use for chat, Age invites, taking pictures and writing notes/messages, amongst other things. Linking to your neighborhood, feel free to look around and see the layout. The major areas include the fountain area, auditorium, light garden, clock area, book room, classroom, and a private chat “egg” room. The hood is covered in more detail in the Neighborhood FAQ.

For now, head to the book room and, with your back turned to the stone, use the book on the pedestal to the left. This will link you to Gahreesen. Navigate your way into this Age until you come across a large machine with a Linking Book pedestal next to it. Click on it to insert your hand and retrieve your very own KI (see KI Functions for more info).

Lower Screen Icons

If you hover your cursor near the bottom of the screen, several icons pop up. From left to right, they are:

  • Your Relto book
  • Your KI (or "Chat" if you haven't gotten a KI yet)
  • Your settings
  • Exit the game.

Note that when you click the X to exit, you can either logout in order to switch avatars or quit the game completely.

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