Griefers 101: Answers and Solutions to Harassment in MOULa

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The New Greeters

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The New Greeters take harassment very seriously in regards to our efforts of helping players have a pleasant experience playing Uru. However, it is widely known, that at times, so called "Griefers" will wreak havoc with players. This is usually done through the following methods: text chat, voice chat, and public avatar harassment.

Solution to Text Chat Harassment

The solution to text chat harassment in probably the most straight forward of the bunch. To hide or block a player's text chat please do the following:

  1. Click on problem avatar's name.
  2. Type /ignore into the chat line.
  3. Success! The problem avatar's text chat will now be blocked on your chat feed.

Solution to Voice Chat Harassment

Due to the nature of voice chat in MOULa, you will have to take a more "direct" approach in censoring your problem griefers.

  1. Open your options menu by hovering the mouse over the bottom of the screen and clicking the wrench icon.
  2. Click Audio Options.
  3. Uncheck the Voice Chat box.
  4. Now you will no longer hear the voice chat of your troublesome adversary, nor will you hear the voice chat of anyone else.

Solution to Public Avatar Harassment

This proves to be a greater problem than any technical solution can control. If you are offended by another avatar walking through you or jumping around mindlessly as a form of harassment, please email Cyan World's Technical Support at Someone there will be glad to assist you in either: A: Banning the problem player; or B: Finding a solution that fits your unique situation.

Further Questions and Support

As always, the New Greeters are glad to help out players experiencing problems. We publicly recommend moving to a different age or location if you are being harassed constantly. Cyan is always the first line of support, but if you ever need in game assistance please feel free to contact one of our members if they are online and we will be glad to help you out or help get you further assistance.


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