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The New Greeters

The Guild of New Greeters, for a Better D'ni.

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The Guild Pubs are several areas in the D'ni cavern used for explorer Guild business. Pubs can only be accessed via the Nexus. They are modeled similarly to the Watcher's Pub, except they have the unique colors and symbols specific to each Guild.


The Guild Pubs were opened up by the DRC to supplement the new Guild structure they were hoping to start. This was around the same time the Guild Neighborhood Kirel, the former "home base" of the DRC, was also made available to all via the Nexus. The group had transformed it into a place for explorers to familiarize themselves with the five Guilds. Tables are set up for each Guild, with a note on their purpose and shirts to wear to show support.

The Five

By choosing a shirt in Kirel, one also finds a new link to the shirt's respective Guild Pub in the Public Links of their Nexus. The explorer can always switch to another shirt, and as such another Guild Pub, at any time, but they can only visit one Pub, the one that belongs to the Guild shirt they currently own. Note that the shirt does NOT need to be worn to enter the Pub, only owned in their Relto closet.

The five Guilds represented in Kirel that have Pubs, and their corresponding shirt color, are:

  • Messengers (Yellow)
  • Maintainers (Red)
  • Greeters (Green)
  • Cartographers (Blue)
  • Writers (Black)

The Pubs are identifiable by the aforementioned colors and their symbol. Those symbols are:

  • Book with Wings (Messengers)
  • Holding Hands (Greeters)
  • Sextant (Cartographers)
  • Book with Orb (Maintainers) - This can also be seen in various Ages as a small, glowing icon.
  • Pen (Writers)

Each pub has a large imager in the center to which anyone can post a KI message or picture, similar in function to the imagers in the neighborhoods. There are also several benches on which to sit.

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