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Guildmaster Telanis is a Myst fan website created by Rickard Johansson (Telanis) in November, 1997. It is an IC website which welcomes those who "are interested in the Art, in D'ni, in the great Civilization." The name is taken from a character in the book, "Myst: The Book of Ti'ana" and many of the members use names of characters from the book, but not always the same vocation. For example, in the book, Telanis was a Guild Master in the Guild of Surveyors, but on the website, Johansson plays the role of Telanis as Guild Master in the Guild of Linguists and provides information about the D'ni language.

Rickard Johansson was one of the first Myst fans to recognize that fans might be descendants of D'ni and started the Circle of D'ni, a group dedicated to

Also known as Nahvah Telanis (Master Telanis)

The Guildmaster Telanis hosts the Circle of D'ni and the website is dated November, 1997, but it's unclear when the Circle of D'ni was actually first formed.

The site is still currently available (Guildmaster Telanis), but has also been archived to the Wayback Machine (Guildmaster Telanis).