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The New Greeters

The Guild of New Greeters, for a Better D'ni.

New Greeters links: Home | Wiki Index | Forum | Archive | News Wiki Rules:
To minimize spam vandalism only members who 1) have registered on the forums, 2) have joined the forum Members user group, and 3) have validated their wiki e-mail address are able to edit the wiki. Use your forum user name and password to log in.

Edit responsibly. Proper spelling and grammar are taken seriously. Writing well with good grammar is appreciated. Protected pages can only be edited (or unprotected) by sysops.

Additional Rules for New Greeters Articles:
The New Greeters have a zero-tolerance policy on foul language. Any foul language will be removed and replaced accordingly. This does not apply for speeches from any Myst or Uru game, mod, or any quotes from chat logs.

Also, if your information is taken from another source be sure to include the source in the description of an article. This does not pertain to walkthroughs. All walkthroughs must be original or adapted work.

How to Edit The New Greeters Wiki

Editing for the New Greeters wiki is simple. First off, all articles should be written in such a way that they mesh with the existing wiki. That said, contribute however you would to any other wiki; but keep in mind that other users of the OpenUru wiki may want to link to your article in the future. In other words, aside from walkthroughs, keep it wiki-neutral.

  • When beginning an article, be sure to include the following tag as the header:

This will produce the New Greeters header at the top of the page.

  • Include the following for articles detailing Ages:

This will link all Age articles to the same category page.

  • For walkthroughs or articles that may spoil gameplay, please include the spoiler heading as shown bellow:
Produces this:

This article contains tips, hints, walkthroughs or details of game content in preparation that may spoil your future enjoyment of the game: Read on at your own risk!

  • If your page is under construction, please add the following to your pages after the discription:
{{tba}} Page is under construction.

Be sure to start a new paragraph after using the under-construction tag, or all the text in your paragraph will be merged into the tag.

  • Rules of Contribution to Existing Articles: Make sure your additions either improve or further complete an existing article *
Wiki Writer's Portal

Page Editing Tools

The following templates and tools are some of the most used on New Greeters articles: