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This page is dedicated to the members of the Myst/Uru community whose names appear on the Explorers Memorial.

Richard "ShadowCats" Bader

17 August 1962 - 24 June 2010

Perth, Australia

Shadowcats was active in the Myst/Uru community by 2003, becoming a member of the Guild of Greeters that year and being appointed as a Guild Master in July, 2004.[1] [2] He participated in the Uru Live Beta (Choru), Prologue, Until Uru, and Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era). His beloved cat, Wicket followed him in death just two months after his passing.[3]

Memberships: Ubisoft (Nov 2003), Guild of Greeters (Dec 2003), The Great Tree (Apr 2004), Myst Community (Jun 2004), Lostkin Shard (Nov 2005) WM, DRC Forums (Dec 2005), Mystralia Forums (Aug 2006)
Remembrances: Guild of Greeters forum thread by Nyrphame Danilaise: Sad News, Shadowcats Remembered (WM); Myst Online forum thread by veralun: Sad News, Shadowcats Remembered (WM)

Jeannie "jmb30321" Barcus

18 September 1956 - 6 July 2015

Painesville, Ohio, USA

Jeannie was active in the Myst/Uru community by 2004 and participated in the September 9th Cone Races (WM) on the Tapestry Shard.

Memberships: D'ni Explorers Guild Forums (Mar 2004), The Great Tree Forums (Sep 2004) (WM), Guild of Greeters Forums (Oct 2005)[4], Ladies Garden Club[5]
Remembrances: Jean Marie "Jeannie" Barcus obituary (WM)

Janet "Pehpsee" Burress

5 December 1953 - 28 December 2004

Arkansas, USA

Known on the forums and by her friends as Pepsi and using the name "Pehpsee" in the cavern (Ubi's policy prohibited avatar names with copyrighted products in them)[6], Janet was active in the community by 2003. Joining the Ubisoft forums as Pepsi1953 in June of that year, she would become a Moderator and Community Assistant on the Ubisoft MystWorlds forums.[7] Later that year, she would participate in the Uru Live Beta (Choru) and join the Guild of Greeters. She also participated in Prologue and was one of the original members of the DLA (D'ni League of Activities).[7] Pepsi received many well wishes in her last days [8] and many tributes upon her passing, including one from Cyanist Richard Watson (RAWA) written in the D'ni language,[9] thus earning her entrance into the D'ni Dictionary as a reference for those phrases.[10]
More than a decade after her passing, Janet continues to be fondly remembered by her cavern friends: Sheri Pate (Sh'aeri) frequently mentions Janet as an inspiration to her in her blog, The Eternal Sophomore, most notably, "The Janet Initiative" on January 1, 2015. Cyan's 2016 game, Obduction, which gave Kickstarter backers a chance to have personalized objects inserted in the game, includes a motorized wheelchair specified by Justin "Jibjustin" Esparza in honor of Janet.[11]

Memberships: The Lyst, Ubisoft Forums (Jun 2003), Guild of Greeters (Dec 2003), DLA (D'ni League of Activities)
Remembrances: Guild of Healers webpage: Pepsi Remembered; Ubisoft forum thread by Khatie: Message to you all from "Pepsi" (WM); Guild of Greeters forum thread by CAGrayWolf: Another Very Sad Day., We have lost a dear friend (WM); MystWorlds forum thread by Whitch2: Very Sad News......; The Voice of There article by by Rose_Blossom: Farewell, Dear Pepsi, A Wonderful Friend to There; Dec 2006 MOUL forum post by pad: Rememberance of Pepsi and the Reasons why Uru deeply touches (WM); Feb 2008 MOUL forum post by mcladyb: Tribute to Pepsi and an impact that Uru made on people (WM); Special Dedication: Ubisoft Forum Thread: The Mystery of the Bahro Caves (WM).


3 February 1964 - 21 June 2008

Surface name: David R Sweeney

Riverside, California, USA

Known as Wolfie to his friends, CAGrayWolf was active in the Myst/Uru community right up until his death in 2008. He participated in the Uru Live Beta (Choru), Prologue, Until Uru and Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era). (He tells his own history with Uru on the MMORPG thread, Where did you first hear about URU Live? (WM)). He joined the Guild of Greeters in November 2003 and served as a Guild Master,[2] worked on the Mysterium Planning Committee and served as a DRC Liaison. CAGrayWolf had an extensive collection of Myst and Uru memorabilia as seen on his Photobucket page: Myst Collection Album

Memberships: MYSTcommunity (Jan 2003), Guild of Greeters (Nov 2003), DRC Forum (Dec 2005), Myst Online: Uru Live Forum (May 8, 2006), Mysterium Planning Committee (? to 2008)
Remembrances: Guild of Greeters website: In Memorium (WM); elledeegee's In Memorium of Wolfie (WM); Mysterium 2008: CAGrayWolf Memorial (WM); Guild of Messengers article by Crisger: A tribute to CAGreyWolf (WM); Aug 2014 MOUL forum post by Marten: A story about Uru... (WM)

James "Aquila" Carpenter

24 November 1961 - 24 January 2006

Modesto, California, USA

Aquila was a member of the MYST community from the time of Riven's release,[12] creating Aquila's Riven Pages, participating in CyanChat, The Riven Lyst and Rivenguild. When the latter two ended, long time Lyster Lehsa started "The Lyst" and Aquila created and administered the website for it.[13] A question asked by Aquila on the Riven Lyst, "What is Rubber Gut?" is on a RAWA page of Cyan's website. Aquila also participated in the Uru Live Beta (Choru) & Prologue. In October, 2005, he was interviewed by Inside Mac Games for the article, "Myst Uber Fan Interviewed" (WM). Aquila was active in the Myst/Uru community right up until his unexpected death.

Memberships: Rivenguild, The Lyst, MYSTcommunity Forums (Jun 2001), Ubisoft Myst Forums (Nov 2003), DRC Forums (Dec 2005)
Remembrances: MYSTcommunity forum thread by Tweek: Rest in peace Aquila (WM); Ubisoft forum thread by DebbieDec2003: The Lyst Administrator has passed away (WM); DRC forum thread by jetuser: Sad News; DRC forum thread by Aeronie: UU Vigil for Aquila; The front page, 2006 (WM); James "Aquila" Carpenter Memorial Auction; Acacia Memorial Park - James Lynn Carpenter(WM); The Lyst - Yahoo Groups

Virginia "Terra" Cinova

31 December 1942 - 25 February 2011

Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

Terra, also known as Advocate (on MYSTcommunity forums)[14] was a member of the community by 2002, participated in Prologue,[15] joined the Guild of Greeters in October 2003 and served as a Guild Master.[2] She attended the 2004 Mysterium. In 2008, she moved on to "Middle Earth" (LOTRO) where she was known as Starligher and Kaprica.

Memberships: MYSTcommunity (Oct 2002), Guild of Greeters (Oct 2003)
Remembrances: Obituary/Tribute page for Virginia A. Cinova (WM)

Al "Wamduskasapa" Edwards

March 1, 1948 - February 8, 2017

Surface name: Alvin Lee Edwards

Columbia, Missouri, USA

Personal Website:

Memberships: Guild of Writers (April 2010), MOUL Forum (Feb 2014), Cyan Forum (Feb 2014)
Remembrances: Alvin Lee Edwards (WM); 21 Feb 2017 MOUL forum thread by ZestyOfXeniphers: RIP dear Wamduskasapa; GET-TOGETHER for Wamduskasapa (Al Edwards)

Cindy Farrar


Cindy was a big fan of Myst and Riven.


2 November 1955 - 11 October 2009

Dayton, Ohio, USA

Gandhar, also known as Tralfaz and Jusme, participated in Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) and was a member of Myss Terrie's Bevin. His daughter, Charura became an active member of the community following her father's passing.

Memberships: MOUL Forums (Sep 2007), Myss Terrie's Forum (Jun 2008)
Remembrances: Myss Terrie's forum thread by ms. isis: About our Friend Gandhar (WM); MOUL forum thread by Dae Randoran (Ms. Isis): Our Friend Gandhar (WM); Guild of Writers forum thread by fachia: For friends of Jusme (WM); MOUL forum thread by Charura: Gandhar Memorial (WM); Webmouse Publications: Gandhar Memorial (WM)

Kees "Grassie73" Grashoff

2 Jan 2016

Surface name: Kees Grashoff

The Netherlands

Known as C'Jay in the cavern, Kees joined the community in August 2003 and participated in Prologue, Until Uru, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era).[16][17][18] He was an artist who sometimes created images[19] and videos[20] about Uru and was a frequent contributor to the MOUL Forum Pictures Chat Thread for the Gentle Souls. He expressed himself through a DeviantArt page, Instagram site, YouTube page, Renderosity page and a personal website called C'Jay's place.

Memberships: Ubisoft Forum, Aug 2003, Dutch MYST Community, Chuckles58's URU Page, MOUL Forum (May 2006), Guild of Artistians [21] Obduction Backers.
Remembrances: 12 Jan 2016 MOUL forum thread by Geert: C Jay aka Grassie 73 is niet meer;

Ron Hayter

1957 - February 17, 2015

Vancouver, Canada

Also known on some forums as RSHayter or RonHayter, Ron was best known in the community for development of the programs, Riveal and Revelator which allowed users to extract sounds, movies and textures from Myst games. While the programs were appreciated by many fans, their legality was sometimes questioned,[22] but a post by Chogon put those concerns to rest.[23] Ron was a long time Myst fan and attended Mysterium 2003 in Spokane.[24]

Memberships: The Lyst[25], Ubisoft Forums (Oct 2004), MYSTcommunity Forums (Dec 2004), MOUL Forums (Feb 2007), Guild of Writers Forums (Mar 2010)
Remembrances: The Vancouver Sun (WM); Aug 26, 2015 MYSTcommunity forum post by realXCV: He’s… dead.


15 November 1941 - 16 December 2008

Surface name: Michael Morrison[26]

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Jahuti (sometimes known as "Jahuti Rhys") participated in Until Uru (Tapestry Shard, Volcano Shard, Alpha Blue shard), D'mala, and Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era). He was a member of the Amber Horizons neighborhood and is fondly remembered by his hoodmates for his humor and his convictions. He helped create the popular "Sardines" game, which was a favorite pastime on Tapestry Shard[27] and was known to perch on "his" corner of the Takotah tent.

Memberships: Amber Horizons Hood, D'ni Explorers Guild, Guild of Greeters Forum (Mar 2004), The Great Tree Forums (May 2004), DRC Forums (Dec 2005), MOUL forums (May 2006), Myst Embassy Ambassadors (WM)
Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by CrisGer: Sad News Jahuti Has Passed On (WM); MOUL forum post by SuperGram (WM), Amber Horizons forum thread by Mari: Jahuti Update; March 2009 Guild of Messengers newspaper which includes "A Tribute to the late Jahuti Rhys"; Jahuti Memorial in Second Life

Maureen "Mo'zie" Jannot

1943 - 6 June 2007

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

An avid Myst fan, she was mostly a solitary player and not a forum poster, but one of her favorite times in the cavern was when a group of explorers helped her and her son, J'Ankenne to open the doors in Delin and Tsogahl. A ceramic artist who created sculptures based on the sea, she loved the beauty of the Myst games, and the creativity that she saw displayed in the Myst community.

Memberships: J'Ankenne's Bevin
Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by jankenne: An Explorer Death Outside the Cavern WM; Obituatry (WM)


18 January 1952 - 28 April 2007

Surface name: Douglas C. Souter

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

JDrake, also known as JD, 6, jdrake06 and John_Drake06, participated in PreAfter, the Uru Live Beta (Choru), Prologue, Until Uru, D'mala, and Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era). According to his introductory post[28] on the Guild of Greeters forum, JDrake was "credited with discovering the whereabouts of the long lost 'Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, Silvercup Bread Touring Rocket'" which looked similar to the Selentic Spaceship on Myst Island.[29] During PreAfter, he and three friends created a Journey Hand sculpture of muffler parts for the contest,[30] a photo of which can be found on his website, The Grand Rapids Four "Journey to D'ni". JDrake joined the Guild of Greeters, November 10, 2003 and was quite active during Prologue, being one of the first 100 Greeters and instrumental in helping to run the Youth Greeter Program. Following the closure of the cavern in February 2004, he moved on to play Ryzom with several other Greeters. Although he returned to the cavern when it re-opened, he had retired from Greeting.[30]

Memberships: Guild of Greeters (Nov 2004), MOUL Forums (May 2006)
Remembrances: Guild of Greeters forum thread by Memiki: Passing Of A Great Friend (WM); Douglas Souter obituary (WM)


December 2007


26 Jun 2006 chatlog

Memberships: H'Uru Age Building Team.[31][32]
Remembrances: H'Uru forum thread by Itep Edor: Abschied von Katzi ([1]); There is a memorial to Katzi in Takla Ma'kan.[33] and a plaque in I.Brattin's memorial age, Aquh.[34]

William “oldmanjob” Maier

12 September 1939 – 30 April 2012

Surface name: William H. Maier

Dana, North Carolina, USA

OMJ as he was known to his friends, participated in Prologue, Until Uru (“GoG mainly, Tapestry, Great tree, Slackers, the Desert shard, Lost kin, Lost City of Atlantis and Adsolema” [35]), D’mala, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) and MOULAgain. He joined the Guild of Greeters in December 2004 and was a regular attendee to Ktahdn's "Up On The Roof!" parties and "Music Night."

Memberships: Guild of Greeters (Dec 2004), DRC Forums (Dec 2005), The Great Tree Forums (Feb 2006), MOUL Forums (May 2006), Guild of Writers Forums (Aug 2010), Forums (Oct 2011), Rooftop Volunteer Group (RVG)
Remembrances: obituaries (WM); Patriot Guard Riders forum thread: Patriot Guard: William H. Maier, USA Veteran, Hendersonville, NC (WM); GuzziTech forum thread: Moto Guzzi loses a Great Ambassador (WM); Guild of Greeters forum thread by Tai'lahr: Oldmanjob / William H. Maier

Len "Flyboy" Mumbower

4 September 1925 - 29 July 2008

Surface name: Leonard E. Mumbower

Foley, Alabama, USA

Flyboy participated in Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) and recorded songs for the weekly Karaoke nights. He recounted his long musical career in a post on the Beyond Uru forums: Flyboy’s URU/Karaoka & Music/Career Story (WM) He also wrote a column called Hangar Talk for "Flying Simulator," the newsletter of the AF/D Society.[36] [37]

Memberships: Beyond Uru Forums
Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by Donahoo: Flyboy R.I.P.; Leonard E. Mumbower obituary


February 2011

Surface name: Jerry

Ft Collins, Colorado, USA

Also known as Zedicus, Seeker53 and Zedicus McMillan (Second Life), Myst'Aken participated in D'mala, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) and MOULAgain.

Memberships: MOUL Forums as Seeker53 (Nov 2006)
Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by Dudemom: Passing of Myst'Aken

Gorma Louise "GLO" O'Conner

February 2016

Surface name: Gorma Louise Curry O'Connor

Memberships: MOUL Forum (July 2010)
Remembrances: Gorma O Connor Memorial Fund (GLO)


10 September 2011

Berlin, Germany

Perlenstern (Pearl Star) participated in Until Uru, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era), MaqiQuest, MOULAgain and fan shards. She created the age of Wianeroy.[38]

Memberships: MOUL Forums (Sep 2006), UruReallife (Black Dragon)
Remembrances: UruReallife forum thread by der 3. Mann: Trauer um Perlenstern; H'Uru forum thread by Nobby deNobbs: In Gedenken an Perlenstern; MOUL forum thread by Kai-Uwe: Perlenstern has passed away (WM)

Mark “Zardoz” Plummer

5 September 1954 - 24 May 2014

Planet Pluto[39] (Federal Way, WA.)

Zardoz's roots in the Myst/Uru Community can be traced back to at least Spring 2001 when he pursued the mystery of the realMyst Easter Eggs, documenting it thoroughly on his website, Zardoz's realMyst Easter Egg Hunt and other Goodies (WM) and a year later, documenting Zandi's mysterious clues with the pages, Zandi Facts. He participated in the Uru Live Beta (Choru), Prologue (opening the Bahro door in Eder Kemo to let Phil Henderson out),[40] D'mala, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) and MOULAgain. Although he was "not much of a social explorer" in the cavern, Zardoz was very active in the community through CyanChat and forums, gave a "realMyst flymode" presentation at Mysterium 2003,[41] assisted with the DRC Liaisons election[42] near the end of D'mala, answered Myst/Uru related questions on the forums, and offered advice on many other topics. His sense of humor is revealed in the February 2007 D'ni Network Pen and Ink Interview with Zardoz, his creativity can be seen in the OpenUru Writers Club: The Fall of a Sparrow: A Zardoz Project, and both are evident in the brief storyline he conducted in the summer of 2007.[43] Zardoz backed Cyan's Obduction Kickstarter in October 2013 and was generally active in the community until a few months before his death.

Memberships: MYSTcommunity (Jun 2001), Ubisoft Forums (Nov 2003), Guild of Greeters Forum (Dec 2003), The Great Tree Forums (Jan 2004), DRC Fourms (Dec 2005), Myst Online: Uru Live Forum (May 2006), Guild of Messengers Forum (Nov 2007), Guild of Writers (Dec 2007), (Dec 2008); UruObsession ()
Remembrances: Mark Plummer obituary (WM); MOUL forum thread by Tai'lahr: Memories of Zardoz


13 June 1954 - 27 June 2006

Surface name: Angelika Pahl


Participated in Until Uru. (Remembered by Joorea.; Uru Reallife posts)

Memberships: Member of the FFA Forum - Fakultät für Forschung und Abenteuer • Forum anzeigen - The Path of the Shell
Remembrances: Uru Reallife forum thread by Kai-Uwe: Funeral Service for Ramsine (translated chatlog) (WM)

Jim "Dust'ei" Rhodes

7 May 2000

Dust'ei was a regular in CyanChat during the Riven era.

Memberships: Rivenguild
Remembrances: MOUL forum post by Alahmnat

Josef Riedl


Josef co-founded the Guild of Linguists with his brother, Simon in November 1998.[44] [45]

Memberships: Guild of Linguists (WM)
Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by K'laamas: R.I.P. Josef Riedl (WM); MYSTcommunity forum thread by K'laamas: R.I.P. Josef Riedl (WM)


February 2012

Surface name: Lisa Watson

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

SIL_OH_WET on the forums, sil_oh_wet in the cavern, and just "Sil" to her friends, Lisa was an active explorer during the early Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) days, participating in many storylines, hosting dance parties in the Kahlo Pub and hosting events in her neighborhood. "sil_oh_wet’s Bevin" was a popular place in those days, used to summon Yeesha (and she actually appeared)[46], a gathering place to wait for news from Rils when he went on an expedition to Negilahn with Douglas Sharper[47], and of course for parties, including the weekly Karaoke. Karaoke nights were Sil's idea and she organized and hosted them for several months before sharing the duties with other D'niJs. When the cavern closed in April 2008, the event continued in Second Life and continues to this day, both in SL and in the cavern.

Memberships: MOUL Forum (Oct 2006), DRC forums (Oct 2006), SIL_OH_WET / Lisa's Flickr photo page, Lisa Watson's (SIL_OH_WET) PhotoBucket
Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by Dudemom: Passing of Sil-Oh-Wet (WM); MOUL forum post by Lobo: Rememberances of Sil-Oh-Wet (WM); The D'ni Voice: Remembrance (WM)

Other Tributes & Memorials

Celebrating Explorers We've Lost

In Second Life, Tai'lahr created a tribute to these explorers which was displayed for one day, Sunday, November 1, 2015. A stone podium held a Relto linking book which displayed their names in rotation and would give anyone who touched it a notecard about the person whose name was being displayed. A waterwall served as a backdrop and twenty-two candles framed the podium. The candles would light at sunset and each one displayed the name of one of the explorers. A light would shine on the podium and Kadish Gallery music would play throughout the night. At sunrise, the music would stop and the candles extinguish one by one in order of the explorers' deaths. (Nighttime happens every four hours in SL and lasts for about an hour, so this happened six times during the RL day.) Throughout the day, the parcel was tuned to Radio KRHI where Ghaelen was broadcasting Myst/Uru and other appropriate music. In the evening, the parcel was tuned to Ktahdn's Music Night broadcast which was also a special tribute. Ghaelen captured the tribute in a video here.


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