Instancing - Grogyan's Proposal

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Instancing based on Grogyan's idea


How Instancing would work in specific Ages


We are presented with a box of Relto books, "blessed" by Yeesha. These are the only books that break every rule in the D'ni storyline - more to add


A big city somewhere under the caldera in New Mexico - more to add


The cleft has been suggested to be the starting place for all journeys and where every player could start from, i'm not too keen on this idea, but it does mean that in this instance of being public the area has no cloths and much of the devices around are non funtional, except for maybe the imager.

The player goes up to the caldera and down into the ground ability till they are blocked from further progression by a Nexus podium or a KI machine to issue players with a KI, I don't favor the latter as when we use to play the game each person is automatically assigned a hood, and a link in the book room would link you to Gahreesen, so maybe instead of having the podium having a Nexus book, perhaps having a book to a public Gahreesen with the immediate vicinity around just like you would have with going from the hood. There is also a box of Relto books near the podium where the player would click on to get one, just like what happened with the guild t-shirts

- This section needs clearing up


- explain how stones are different from cloths


- Link from topic and show a sample GUI of the mini KI interface - Explain how the KI will affect the story and moving between instances


- Working in conjunction with the KI to produce a viable means of exploring in virtually any instance of any Age