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Public vs. Private

The main point I am going to poke at are the balconies in the city. In the solo game it doesn't matter a wit if a area is public or private since you are the only one there, but in the multiplayer version private areas in public settings leads to the mess we have in instancing. The main palace balcony overlooking takota courtyard I've seen be private, or at the very least part of each persons hood affiliated instance of the city. This has lead to many people assuming there are multiple instances of the City beyond what there really are muddying the waters. A lot of people seem really fond of shunting the multiplayer aspects aside, which in my opinion defeats the fun of Uru. Some of the balconies are private and no one cares because really no one looks at them since they are positioned out of the usual line of sight. Each of those private balconies however made for a "Ghost" instance at some point in someones mind.

You look up at a empty balcony and don't think much of it, but looking down from the same balcony you wonder what happened to all the people that were there a moment ago.

I guess my main objection is the ease people have at fracturing off a instance. Make a hood and boom there's another instance of the City and all the areas in it. No muss, no fuss, and sadly no people very rapidly. Any plans to block off areas of public zones as private access only need to be thought of in a more traditional "splitting of a large level map" then just marking them private. <mustardjeep>

Until Uru disclaimer

I don't care how it was done in Until Uru, my assumptions are based off MO:UL and my extensive goofing off in it.

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