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18 January 1952 - 28 April 2007

Surface name: Douglas C. Souter

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

JDrake, also known as JD, 6, jdrake06 and John_Drake06, participated in PreAfter, the Uru Live Beta (Choru), Prologue, Until Uru, D'mala, and Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era). According to his introductory post[1] on the Guild of Greeters forum, JDrake was "credited with discovering the whereabouts of the long lost 'Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, Silvercup Bread Touring Rocket'" which looked similar to the Selentic Spaceship on Myst Island.[2] During PreAfter, he and three friends created a Journey Hand sculpture of muffler parts for the contest,[3] a photo of which can be found on his website, The Grand Rapids Four "Journey to D'ni". JDrake joined the Guild of Greeters, November 10, 2003 and was quite active during Prologue, being one of the first 100 Greeters and instrumental in helping to run the Youth Greeter Program. Following the closure of the cavern in February 2004, he moved on to play Ryzom with several other Greeters. Although he returned to the cavern when it re-opened, he had retired from Greeting.[3]

Memberships: Guild of Greeters (Nov 2004), MOUL Forums (May 2006)

Remembrances: Guild of Greeters forum thread by Memiki: Passing Of A Great Friend (WM); Douglas Souter obituary (WM)
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