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15 November 1941 - 16 December 2008

Surface name: Michael Morrison[1]

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Jahuti (sometimes known as "Jahuti Rhys") participated in Until Uru (Tapestry Shard, Volcano Shard, Alpha Blue shard), D'mala, and Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era). He was a member of the Amber Horizons neighborhood and is fondly remembered by his hoodmates for his humor and his convictions. He helped create the popular "Sardines" game, which was a favorite pastime on Tapestry Shard[2] and was known to perch on "his" corner of the Takotah tent.

Memberships: Amber Horizons Hood, D'ni Explorers Guild, Guild of Greeters Forum (Mar 2004), The Great Tree Forums (May 2004), DRC Forums (Dec 2005), MOUL forums (May 2006), Myst Embassy Ambassadors (WM)

Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by CrisGer: Sad News Jahuti Has Passed On (WM); MOUL forum post by SuperGram (WM), Amber Horizons forum thread by Mari: Jahuti Update; March 2009 Guild of Messengers newspaper which includes "A Tribute to the late Jahuti Rhys"; Jahuti Memorial in Second Life
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