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Uru seems to be located in an analogue of the world I inhabit.

Optical Media CD/DVD

the suggestion from D'niWeb does not I feel make much sense.

  • static non update-able content
  • only n copies available
  • only available at n locations
  • would get lost if not nailed down.

instead there are some other possibilities I would like to promote

Wireless LAN with attached storage.

  • content easier to upgrade
  • unlimited streaming copies available up to bandwidth limit
  • available anywhere on the network
  • after sneaker-net available via the internet
  • hardware nailed down.

the previous could also apply to subterranean cell service and wireless MAN.

access could be via any compatible device from the surface such as iPda, eBook, tablet, smartphone or laptop.

if an interface between surface tech and the Ki can be fixed the the Ki becomes an interface as well

batch transfers to/from the internet could be run via

  • removable storage transferred between an anchor AP in aegurra and another at the Great Shaft midpoint
  • midpoint AP via cantennas to/from an AP at the top of the great shaft
  • from the shaft top ap to a cell modem at the cleft via fiber optic line

The cavern alert system would be highly susceptible to misuse/abuse and would likely be tightly controlled with offenders kicked out of the cavern.