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I see several ways an explorer/visitor could start in Uru

They could start off the Zandi property

  • Join a tour group/book a vacation and start in the Greeters hood.
  • Join the DRC and start in Kirel.
  • They could find a linking book and wind up somewhere (probably too random)

They could start on the Zandi property

  • get a Relto book from Zandi and take up Yeeshas Journey with the Relto book at the bottom.
  • get a Relto book from Zandi but not take up Yeeshas Journey.
  • hoof it halfway down the Great shaft and jumping to the Nexus the to a hood (probably unsupported)
  • hoof it to D'ni past the great shaft (unfeasible due to never created content)

How to choose

  • If the account created is a visitor silently choose the vacationer path and jump directly to Greeters hood.
  • Otherwise if a staff account autojoin DRC and go to Kirel.
  • Otherwise ask personality quiz present menu.