James "Aquila" Carpenter

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James "Aquila" Carpenter

24 November 1961 - 24 January 2006

Modesto, California, USA

Aquila was a member of the MYST community from the time of Riven's release,[1] creating Aquila's Riven Pages, participating in CyanChat, The Riven Lyst and Rivenguild. When the latter two ended, long time Lyster Lehsa started "The Lyst" and Aquila created and administered the website for it.[2] A question asked by Aquila on the Riven Lyst, "What is Rubber Gut?" is on a RAWA page of Cyan's website. Aquila also participated in the Uru Live Beta (Choru) & Prologue. In October, 2005, he was interviewed by Inside Mac Games for the article, "Myst Uber Fan Interviewed" (WM). Aquila was active in the Myst/Uru community right up until his unexpected death.

Memberships: Rivenguild, The Lyst, MYSTcommunity Forums (Jun 2001), Ubisoft Myst Forums (Nov 2003), DRC Forums (Dec 2005)

Remembrances: MYSTcommunity forum thread by Tweek: Rest in peace Aquila (WM); Ubisoft forum thread by DebbieDec2003: The Lyst Administrator has passed away (WM); DRC forum thread by jetuser: Sad News; DRC forum thread by Aeronie: UU Vigil for Aquila; The Lyst.com front page, 2006 (WM); James "Aquila" Carpenter Memorial Auction; Acacia Memorial Park - James Lynn Carpenter(WM); The Lyst - Yahoo Groups
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