Janet "Pehpsee" Burress

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Janet "Pehpsee" Burress

5 December 1953 - 28 December 2004

Arkansas, USA

Known on the forums and by her friends as Pepsi and using the name "Pehpsee" in the cavern (Ubi's policy prohibited avatar names with copyrighted products in them)[1], Janet was active in the community by 2003. Joining the Ubisoft forums as Pepsi1953 in June of that year, she would become a Moderator and Community Assistant on the Ubisoft MystWorlds forums.[2] Later that year, she would participate in the Uru Live Beta (Choru) and join the Guild of Greeters. She also participated in Prologue and was one of the original members of the DLA (D'ni League of Activities).[2] Pepsi received many well wishes in her last days [3] and many tributes upon her passing, including one from Cyanist Richard Watson (RAWA) written in the D'ni language,[4] thus earning her entrance into the D'ni Dictionary as a reference for those phrases.[5]
More than a decade after her passing, Janet continues to be fondly remembered by her cavern friends: Sheri Pate (Sh'aeri) frequently mentions Janet as an inspiration to her in her blog, The Eternal Sophomore, most notably, "The Janet Initiative" on January 1, 2015. Cyan's 2016 game, Obduction, which gave Kickstarter backers a chance to have personalized objects inserted in the game, includes a motorized wheelchair specified by Justin "Jibjustin" Esparza in honor of Janet.[6]

Memberships: The Lyst, Ubisoft Forums (Jun 2003), Guild of Greeters (Dec 2003), DLA (D'ni League of Activities)

Remembrances: Guild of Healers webpage: Pepsi Remembered; Ubisoft forum thread by Khatie: Message to you all from "Pepsi" (WM); Guild of Greeters forum thread by CAGrayWolf: Another Very Sad Day., We have lost a dear friend (WM); MystWorlds forum thread by Whitch2: Very Sad News......; The Voice of There article by by Rose_Blossom: Farewell, Dear Pepsi, A Wonderful Friend to There; Dec 2006 MOUL forum post by pad: Rememberance of Pepsi and the Reasons why Uru deeply touches (WM); Feb 2008 MOUL forum post by mcladyb: Tribute to Pepsi and an impact that Uru made on people (WM); Special Dedication: Ubisoft Forum Thread: The Mystery of the Bahro Caves (WM).
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