Jeannie "jmb30321" Barcus

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Jeannie "jmb30321" Barcus

18 September 1956 - 6 July 2015

Painesville, Ohio, USA

Jeannie was active in the Myst/Uru community by 2004 and participated in the September 9th Cone Races (WM) on the Tapestry Shard.

Memberships: D'ni Explorers Guild Forums (Mar 2004), The Great Tree Forums (Sep 2004) (WM), Guild of Greeters Forums (Oct 2005)[1], Ladies Garden Club[2]

Remembrances: Jean Marie "Jeannie" Barcus obituary (WM)
  1. GoG post by Natika, welcoming new members
  2. MOUL forum post by Sh'aeri