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This article contains tips, hints, walkthroughs or details of game content in preparation that may spoil your future enjoyment of the game: Read on at your own risk!

K'veer is a mansion island located on the lake in the D'ni cavern. It was once owned by the family of Veovis and served as a base of operations for Gehn. A notable detail in one of the rooms was a mural depicting Ri'neref, first king of the D'ni and the Writer of the Book of D'ni itself, on the floor.


Before The Fall of D'ni, K'veer was owned by Veovis' father, who was Head of the D'ni Council. After his father's death, Veovis inherited the mansion. It was in this home that Aitrus valiantly sacrificed himself to stop the madman A'Gaeris, by luring him into using an altered, hazardous Linking Book. After The Fall and the deaths of most of the D'ni (including Veovis), Gehn arrived years later and claimed the mansion as his own, using it for his home. Eventually, he brought his son Atrus to the mansion to help him in his experiments and searches of the cavern.

After a heated argument one day, Gehn trapped Atrus in a small, cylindrical room with many locked doors. Atrus tried in vain to escape the room, even causing a collapse in front of the door he'd entered. He was only able to escape via a Linking Book to Riven, which had been left inside with him by Gehn.

Imprisoned Again

During the events of Myst, Atrus was once again trapped there, this time by his sons. They had torn one page from his Linking Book to Myst Island. Knowing Catherine had just linked to Riven, he was forced to work on the Riven Descriptive Book to patch the effects of his father's flawed Writing and keep the Age together. Soon after, The Stranger arrived with the missing page to his Myst book, and allowed Atrus freedom once again.

The Stranger later returned to K'veer to link to Riven in Atrus' place to rescue Catherine and capture Gehn. After Riven's resulting destruction, Atrus wanted to make his way back into the cavern. He enlisted the help of the Averonese to clear the debris from the entryway, setting in motion his plan to try to help rebuild the D'ni civilization.

Modern Times

In 2005, a mystical tablet that had direct control of the Bahro was released, thanks to the guidance of both Yeesha and Esher. It was then given to the creatures themselves, freeing them of their slavery. Today, explorers have been able to reach this part of the cavern through various means. Atrus' original prison room, as well as a small section of the mansion outside of it, are accessible. It is unclear where Atrus and his team exited the mansion from here, but most likely, another cave in has occurred since that time, blocking said exit.


How to Get to K'veer

In order to get here, you will need to get to the end of both Ahnonay and Er'cana. For Er'cana, you will also need a pellet that has been baked at the specifications found in the Bahro cave you could link to from there (40 30 20). Once those are ready, you need another person to drop the pellet for you while you use the Bahro stone at the end of Ahnonay, which leads to the bottom of the cave (the stone at the end of Er'cana leads to the top of this same cave). If the pellet is the correct formula, the bottom of this cave will light up, revealing a holographic imager code to be used at the cleft. When this code is entered correctly, Yeesha will speak and a hologram of a shell will appear in the middle of the room. Walk into it to link to K'veer and add a link to the island in your city book.

Searching the Rooms

You will link into a room with a large window overlooking the cavern, with Ae'gura in the distance. Turn around to see a Nexus terminal. This will add a link to the public instance of K'veer. The link in your city book brings you to a hood instance of the island. Walk through a small hallway to the left of the terminal and follow the stairs up. At the end, on the right, will be a door into Atrus' old prison room. Here, you will find a Linking Book to Myst.


  • In URU: Path of the Shell and URU: Complete Chronicles, players could collect Atrus' clothing, as well as a Relto Page for vegetation (which was moved to Negilahn for Myst Online: URU Live). There was also a note from Yeesha to Atrus on the "desk".
  • The mural of Ri'neref is actually a picture of Cyan employee Chuck Carter, who did much of the graphics work on the original Myst.
  • Myst V was the first game to show what was beyond Atrus' prison room. It was where the tablet that controlled the Bahro resided until they were finally released.
  • The version of K'veer in MOUL and MOULa is nearly identical to the one from Myst V, save for the absense of the "bubble" holding the tablet, stained glass in the window overlooking the cavern, and the presence of a Nexus terminal.
  • At the end of the Path of the Shell, players saw two versions of the same room: one with the blocked entrance from Atrus' time, and one where the entrance was unobstructed.