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This is an article detailing new KI features being discussed on the GoW and MOULa forums. All suggested commands can be disabled by reentering the command again unless otherwise specified.

Command Name Suggested By Development Status Proposed Usage
/ignore Gahlen [1][2] Not Developed The original ignore function for the KI, created by Cyan Worlds; with the new added functionality of one way invisibility and a KI toggle for "mutual invisibility".
/fullignore Trekluver [3] Not Developed Includes current features of the /ignore command as well as mutual invisibility, un-invites, and a new ignore column on the right.
/shun Rhee, Gahlen, Trekluver & Others [4] Not Developed Includes a chat hide feature only, that can be activated during meetings and events.
/kick Unknown Not Developed Kicks a specified avatar out of a private age instance.

Common Annoyances and Bugs

Name Reported by Status Description

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