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The New Greeters

The Guild of New Greeters, for a Better D'ni.

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This is a complete list of the known emotes and gestures one can perform in-game:

/afk /amazed /askquestion /beckonbig /beckonsmall /bow
/blowkiss /callme /cheer /clap /cower /crazy
/cringe /cries /crossarms /cry /dance /doh
/dontknow /dunno /flinch /groan /kneel /leanleft
/leanright /lookaround /no /okay /overhere /peer
/point /rotfl /salute /scratchhead /shoo /sneeze
/stop /talkhand /tapfoot /taunt /thanks /thumbsdown
/thumbsdown2 /thumbsup /thumbsup2 /thx /wave wavelow
/wavebye /winded /yawn /yes

To use a custom emote in chat, just type /me [any action]. For example, "/me goes outside" would show up as "avatar name goes outside" in the chat.

Chat Commands

  • /p [avatar name] [Text] - Sends a private message to specific avatar if they're online.
  • /reply [Text] - Sends a private message to the last person to send you a private message.
  • /buddies [Text] - Sends a message to everyone online in your Buddies list.
  • /neighbors [Text] - Sends a message to everyone online in your Neighbors list.
  • /addbuddy [avatar name/KI number] - Adds an explorer to your Buddies list.
  • /ignore [avatar name] - Blocks any chat or voice chat from selected avatar.
  • /unignore [avatar name] - Takes selected avatar off or your blocked list.

Special Commands

These serve no other purpose then just for fun, although one is actually for getting collectables of a sort.

  • /get [any object]
  • /get feather (Try this one in many Ages multiple times)
  • /fly
  • /look
  • /look in pocket