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The KI is a small, D'ni built device attached to the avatar's hand and is the main method of communicating in Myst Online: URU Live Again. It can be cumbersome at times, particularly when there are lots of people chatting in an Age, but with a little patience, it can work well for you. This article will go over some of its finer points.

Basic Functions

If the KI does not appear on the upper left of your screen, hit F2 to bring it back up. The layout of the KI device is such: the top right button opens the KI's main screen while the button below that turns the sound off and on. The book icon in the middle opens a new note or message for you to type, while the white button above it takes a screenshot to save into your KI. Clicking anywhere else on the KI (when it's closed) will move the KI around on the screen.

Note that the KI has a set limit on how many of your own pictures you can take, so be sure to keep it clean. Don't worry, any picture you take will be saved on your hard drive even if you delete it from your KI in-game; however, you will need a special photo viewer like “Irfanview” ( to open the pictures to view outside of the game. Any pictures or notes sent to you from someone else DO NOT count towards your KI's memory usage, so save as many as you'd like!

Special Functions

In some instances, the KI can be used for quest-specific activities. Some of these can only be activated by progressing through the Ages.

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Main Screen

When the main window the KI is open, there are a few things to notice.

Chat Functions

When typing something for the first time, to the left, you will notice three lists: Age Players, Buddies, and Neighbors. These will display who's in an Age with you, who you've buddied, and who's also a member of your hood respectively. Clicking on each list name and then typing a message will send what you typed to everyone on that particular list, so be careful if it's something private. If you click on a specific name in those lists, you can type the person a private message (PM) that nobody else will see in chat.

TIP: If you're in a private chat and want to get back to Age Players chat quickly, simply left-click and hold on ANY name on the list, then drag the cursor to the right until the name is no longer highlighted.

Using Text to Switch Between Chats

If clicking on the list is too difficult, there are a number of commands that can be used to chat to different people and groups.

  • /p [Player Name] [Text] - This sends a private message to the avatar you indicated, if they're online.
  • /reply [Text] - Sends a private message to whoever last sent you a private message.
  • /buddies [Text] - Sends a message to everyone on your Buddies list.
  • /neighbors [Text] - Sends a message to everyone on your Neighbors list.


If an Age is too crowded or too big, it's possible that not everyone can see what you type. In this case, typing /autoshout into the chat will make it so that everyone in Age Players chat can hear you.


There are a set number of pictures you can store in the KI (about 15 or so), but every single one you take, whether you delete it or not, is stored on your hard drive. They are usually found in "My Documents/URU Live/KIimages" folder by default. They sometimes need a special picture editor, like Irfanview, to view them properly. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you backup the image files BEFORE opening or modifying them in any way!

Messages and KI Mail

The book icon on the KI brings up a window where you can enter text for notes or a message to another explorer.