Kees "Grassie73" Grashoff

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Kees "Grassie73" Grashoff

2 Jan 2016

Surface name: Kees Grashoff

The Netherlands

Known as C'Jay in the cavern, Kees joined the community in August 2003 and participated in Prologue, Until Uru, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era).[1][2][3] He was an artist who sometimes created images[4] and videos[5] about Uru and was a frequent contributor to the MOUL Forum Pictures Chat Thread for the Gentle Souls. He expressed himself through a DeviantArt page, Instagram site, YouTube page, Renderosity page and a personal website called C'Jay's place.

Memberships: Ubisoft Forum, Aug 2003, Dutch MYST Community, Chuckles58's URU Page, MOUL Forum (May 2006), Guild of Artistians [6] Obduction Backers.

Remembrances: 12 Jan 2016 MOUL forum thread by Geert: C Jay aka Grassie 73 is niet meer;
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