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Several community members have proposed the complete redesign of the login GUI. Several of these proposals include:

Development History

H'uru Development

In early 2012, Deledrius opened a public fork of H'uru/Plasma that focused on redesigning the StartUp age. His development has, to date, consisted of code cleanup. He is seeking developers who can help him accomplish the redesign work.

Known Issues

Other attempts

Previously, Kaelisebonrai attempted to develop Tweek's proposal into a working concept. However, his development took place in Blender, which, thanks to the lack of a CWE version of pyprp, prevented him from exporting his work for use on open source CWE builds. His work has since been placed on indefinite hold.

In June 2012, Ahlisendar began creating his own GUI concepts, utilizing some of Tweek's basic ideas in the process, while also including his own, as well as those of the community at large.


Programers will be needed if this project reaches the full design point. If you are interested in working on this project, please join the the development on H'uru/Plasma or drop a note on this article's discussion page.

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