MOULa Update 2012-05-29 (Build 912)

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This is a list of (most of the) changes submitted to Cyan for the 2012-05-29 MOULa update and how to test them, mostly copied and pasted together from commit messages, code review, and forum posts.

Fix for the Er'cana bakery elevator getting stuck permanently

Start the elevator and immediately link to Relto. Return and start the elevator. It should still work.

Relto visitors should not see blank pages in the city book

Visit another player's Relto. The Relto owner must set the city book on page 2 or higher. Open the city book and verify that it shows you the black swirly cloud image and not a blank page. Close the book and have the Relto owner check that it is still on the same page he/she left it.

Make Calendar Star SDL Consistent

Ensure you have fireworks when you collect all 12 sparklies and the calendar island Yeesha page is on.

Fix inconsistent behavior of city book clasp

Make sure you have at least one link to the real city age (Balconies, Tokotah roof, Kadish gallery, Great tree tunnel) in your city book (this is what previously triggered the bug). Set the clasp to unlocked. Relink and verify that it is still unlocked. Open the city book and check if the animations of clasp and book correspond (book should not slide through clasp, clasp should not click open if it already shows as open).

Fix unclickable left-arrow in KI when destination is top of category list

  1. Select the middle set of KI functions.
  2. Let the left column be known as the "Category" column. Categories include Age Players, Buddies, Neighbors, Recent, Ignore List, and the Age Visitors Lists.
  3. Select a piece of content from one of the categories (try an explorer name in the 'Recent' folder)
  4. Arrows appear pointing left for acceptable destinations for the name. Buddies, Recent, and Ignore List are typically enabled, as well as the Age Visitors Lists (used for invitations).
  5. Use the down arrow at the bottom-right corner of the Categories until a destination you might want to use is in the topmost visible position, right under the gears symbol. The left-arrows should follow along with the categories that they are next to.
  6. Try clicking the left-arrow next to the top-most position.

Expected (new) behavior: Item should be copied to the destination.

Actual (previous) behavior: Nothin'. The top-most left-arrow is not functioning.

Improve Big KI player list sorting

In the big (open) KI:

  • The age players list is now alphabetically sorted instead of distance sorted.
  • Alphabetic sorting is now case insensitive for the big KI player lists.

This does NOT affect the left side lists of the mini (closed) KI.

Fix the fearless quabs bug

This fixes a specific problem that appeared on MOSS and should have no effect on Cyan’s server. Verify that quabs can still be chased by a single player. Any inability to chase quabs or other undesired behavior with multiple players is likely caused by unrelated bugs.

Improved video resolution code

  • Resolution slider should allow selection of any resolution supported by your display from 800x600 or 1024x576 on upwards.
  • Resolution slider should still point at the current resolution after switching from full-screen to windowed and back.

Allow plNotify variable events to carry integers in addition to floats & Replace bookshelf workaround by improved fix

  • Upload a KI note (text or image) with an odd vault node id > 16777216 to any imager. Note should appear on the imager and neither the sender nor any observers should crash. (All new nodes on MOULa have such high numbers, you may need multiple attempts to get an odd one – check in the server logs or using an internal client. Lawreth Stirincha can provide suitable ones.)
  • Let an avatar with an odd KI number > 16777216 use their Relto bookshelf, with visitors present. Verify that the avatar can link and that everyone sees books move as expected (pulled out/pushed in) when they are opened, closed (explicitly or after linking), and deleted.
  • Check multiplayer functionality of the elevator in the Kadish pyramid and of various levers, switches and buttons throughout the ages.

Disable broken bahro stone share symbols

Verify that the following bahro stones no longer have a share symbol:

Location Destination
Ahnonay Workshop Lower Bahro Cave
Er'cana Pellet Dispenser Upper Bahro Cave
Teledahn Niche Spy Room
Tokotah Alley Descent
Neighborhood Linking Room Ae'gura
Gira Pool Tokotah Rooftop
Gahreesen Conference Room Palace Rooftop
Kadish 2nd Scope Palace Balcony

Verify that the following bahro stones still have a share symbol and sharing still takes the sharee to the sharer’s instance:

Teledahn War Shroom Gahreesen Prison Cell
Ae'gura Library Kadish Pyramid
Ferry Terminal Teledahn Dock
Baron’s City Office Teledahn Stump
Kemo Statue Hood Classroom Rooftop
Gahreesen Locker Hood Balcony

Avatar clothing fix

Switch from 1st to 3rd person view (either manually or automatically e.g. when exiting a GUI). Previous behavior: Your avatar would be drawn in white (untextured) for one frame. Expected new behavior: Avatar is drawn properly textured from the start.

Basic clipboard functionality

Adds following commands to single- (e.g. chat input) and multiline (e.g. KI mail) edit boxes: Ctrl-C – copy field contents to system clipboard, Ctrl-V – paste contents of clipboard at current cursor position.

Apart from verifying basic functionality, check that nothing happens when attempting to paste

  • longer text than the field limit (500 chars for the chat input line IIRC)
  • with nothing on the clipboard
  • with non-text (e.g. bitmap image) on the clipboard.


Use your time machine to verify that KI time changes to and from daylight saving time at the same times as Mountain Time on the surface, no matter what the local time zone setting is (specifically, no matter whether the local time zone is on DST at that time).

Fix Landing Behaviors

Due to unrelated bugs, landing behaviors still do not work when you are running at the 30 FPS limit and when your frame rate is too low (~10 FPS). To be able to verify this fix, choose your graphics quality settings and your surroundings (more complex scene in view => lower frame rate) such that you get a frame rate of about 15 to 30 FPS. Rules of thumb: If you barely get off the ground when doing a standing jump, your frame rate is too high (you're running at the limit). If you get a falling animation but no landing animation when doing a standing jump, your frame rate is too low.

Verify that when landing straight down, e.g. after a standing jump, you get a knee-bending landing animation. Verify that when landing forward, e.g. after a walking or running jump on a horizontal plane, no matter which direction relative to world or subworld, you get a forward-stepping landing animation (this animation is hardly noticeable, the easiset way to recognize its presence is the sound it makes - when there is no landing animation, there also is no sound).

Fix an Aspect Ratio Assumption

This is an internal cleanup that should cause no observable change. To verify that FOV animation still works, try entering and leaving the camera region around the music player in the Relto hut, or using the Teledahn gun visor.