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* [http://forums.OpenURU.org forums.OpenURU.org]
* [http://forums.OpenURU.org forums.OpenURU.org]
Use our bug tracker (submit feature requests too)
* [http://Bugs.OpenURU.org Bugs.OpenURU.org]

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Welcome to OpenURU.org

OpenURU.org provides a venue with resources for a diverse community of projects to encourage a cooperative environment for the exploration, development and exchange of ideas in Cyan Worlds' Myst universe and Open Source URU.

This wiki contains information of interest to ongoing projects at OpenURU.org.

Use 'search' on the left to find information you wish to know.

All logged in members are able to edit the wiki unless the page is protected. Edit responsibly.

Proper spelling and grammar are taken seriously. Writing well with good grammar is appreciated.

Visit our home page at:

Visit our forums at:

Use our bug tracker (submit feature requests too)

The Open URU Documentation Project

This link leads to wiki stubs to contain organized information about URU as we gain knowledge about how it works. It will be properly placed into navigation, probably to a portal page, later. Contributions of content are welcome.