Minkata Shard: Contributions Uplifted by Cyan Worlds

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This is a list of changes that have completed testing on the Minkata shard and have been uplifted by Cyan for use on MOULa.

These appeared in the client update of June 11, 2013.

Fixed console documentation

CWE PR #12 by Lyrositor, H-uru issue 170

No user-visible change on external clients. On internal clients, verify that the Console.CreateBriefDocumentation command outputs correct group names (not keeping the name of the previous group) and better HTML.

Update for Visual Studio 2010

CWE PR #11 by Skoader

No user-visible change.

Allow clickables to function while sitting or AFK

CWE PR #14 by Hoikas, ported by Lyrositor, see also PR #13, H-uru PR 176

Verify that clickable things can be used while sitting or AFK, verify that using them will either leave you sitting or make you stand up as appropriate, and not leave you in some inconsistent intermediate state.

Standing up to perform another avatar animation (e.g. pulling a lever) will not use the normal stand-up animation, but just warp you into the standing state, this is expected.

Fix various JPEG issues

CWE PR #15 by Deledrius, ported by Lyrositor

Verify that new KI pictures saved in the Documents/Uru Live/KIimages folder as well as new avatar portraits saved in the Documents/Uru Live/Avatars folder are now proper JPEG files that can be opened in any graphics program.

Existing avatar portraits will disappear from the avatar selection screen by this change, run your favorite KI picture fixer on them to get them back.

Free the cursor

CWE PR #21by Deledrius (ported by Lyrositor) and Skoader; CWE PR #25 (part of H-uru PR 221) by Hoikas, ported by CWalther

Verify that when running in window mode, the mouse can be moved outside of the Uru window, transitions between inside and outside work as expected, and changing to and from other programs by mouse or keyboard works as expected. Try both launching in windowed mode and switching to windowed mode after launching in fullscreen mode. Verify that while having the left mouse button down to walk by mouse, having the right mouse button down to look around by mouse, or both, in any order, the cursor will never go outside of the window and break the continuous turning, even with very quick mouse movements.

Fix improperly calculated window size in initial Windowed mode

CWE PR #18 by Deledrius (ported by Lyrositor) and CWalther

Verify that in windowed mode (after launching in windowed mode, after switching from fullscreen (larger or smaller) or from a differently sized window (larger or smaller)), the content size of the window is exactly as many pixels as it should be from the resolution you’ve set. Previously, when launching in windowed mode, the size would be slightly off, which would manifest itself in a periodic grid of seams or blurriness across the window, most noticeable when moving the cursor over them. Reference picture of the seams: http://uru.zero-factorial.com/images/bugs/resizetiling.png

Improved Cursors

CWE PR #10 by Deledrius and CWalther

Revel in the glory of good-looking mouse cursors, voice chat indicators, and loading linking book animation.

Remove broken share symbol from Sharper's Office linking book

MOULSCRIPT PR #13 by D'Lanor

Verify that the linking book in the fish tank in Sharper’s office in Teledahn, going to the city office, has no share symbol in the close-up view. (The share symbol was included by mistake, as the city office is a neighborhood-instanced age, which cannot be shared. Previously, attempts to share would not work as expected, sending sharer and sharee to different instances.)

The share symbol is still visible from a distance on the book as it lies in the fish tank, this cannot be fixed until we are allowed to change the content files.

Correct an invalid GZGlass state

MOULSCRIPT PR #14 by Hoikas, ported by Lyrositor

No user-visible effect. The lack of randomization on MOULa was caused by a server-side misconfiguration (as suspected) and was fixed on 2013-06-04. Verify that new neighborhoods (DRC or player-created) get a randomly selected one of the three possible Great Zero stained glass designs. Existing neighborhoods that were non-randomly displaying the glass with three orange bars may have had their glass replaced by a random one by the fix of 2013-06-04 as well. Verify that from now on, a neighborhood does not change its glass design anymore when you link to it multiple times.

Avatar physics update

CWE PR #20, #22, MOULSCRIPT PR #17 by Skoader

To test: too many areas potentially affected to list here, see PhysX_Update_Testing_(Minkata.71). Easy ways to tell that the update is in effect: • leaves in Kadish are kickable, • avatar does not shake while riding Er'cana harvester.

Fix pellet points stealing

MOULSCRIPT PR #16 by D'Lanor

- Player A links to hood with empty imagers. - Player B links to same hood and uploads pellet points (right imager). - Name of player B should appear next to new score on imager. (Imager message will still say “From: A”, this is an unrelated and known issue.)


Bink removal

CWE PR #27 by Hoikas and CWalther

Proprietary parts have been removed from the source code. As a result, the Cyan logo and Yeesha intro videos no longer play. This will likely be a temporary condition, the videos may be reintroduced in a later version after the technical work required for that is done. Verify that the Cyan logo (played at launch) and Yeesha intro (played before a new avatar appears on Relto and on request from the wrench dialog) videos behave as if they had zero length, i.e. the Cyan logo is simply skipped, and for the Yeesha intro the room appears briefly and fades out again immediately.

Fix remote code execution through Python.Cheat and Python.RunFile

CWE PR #24 (H-uru PR 218) by boq, ported by Lyrositor

No user-visible change. Playing Uru becomes safer, as a security issue is fixed that a malicious player in the same age could exploit to do pretty much anything to your computer.