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This is a list of changes currently accumulating on the Minkata shard for later pick-up into MOULa by Cyan, and how to test them.

Update 2017-04-21 - Minkata.120

Improvement on password hash method standardization

CWE PR #42 by Chogon

Replace PR#40 with a multiple pass password validation attempting all known hashes in sequence until one succeeds or list of hashes is exhausted. This in response to clients being used on alternate servers (Dirtsand) having different hashing techniques for passwords.

Update 2017-03-25 – Minkata.100

Make all account types use the same password hash

CWE PR #40 by Mac_Fife

Precursor to restoring account creation. Remove conditional on email domain for password hashing. This is only a client modification needed to interface to new code being worked on to reenable Account Creation on MOULa. Verify that you can still log in.

Don’t crash the launcher when getting the server status message fails

CWE PR #38 by CWalther

This fixes a crash of the launcher after it has already successfully started the game. Verify that you are not getting any “UruLauncher has stopped working” messages before or after logging in.

Repair Descent Age

Minkata bug reports by rarified

Fixed the database corruption preventing an Avatar from successfully linking into Descent, particularly affected new Avatars. Verify that linking to Descent from Relto or Ae'gura works without getting stuck on a black screen.

Update 2015-12-14 – Minkata.82 … Update 2015-12-19 – Minkata.88

Fix KI chat scrolling issues

CWE PR #26, MOULSCRIPT PR #19 (H-uru PR #40) by Lyrositor

This fixes a common gripe with KI chat, which has a tendency to scroll down when someone else sends a chat message, even if you have scrolled up. Verify that it now scrolls down only when you are already looking at the bottom, and when scrolled up, flashes the scroll-down arrow instead.

Fix stuck-in-intro-cave bug

CWE PR #37 by CWalther

Verify that a new avatar is no longer stuck in the intro cave with the rotating wall before arriving on Relto. Instead the cave should just briefly fade in and out.

Don't crash when the HTTP request for getting the server status message fails

CWE PR #31 by CWalther

This fixes the crash that keeps Windows 7 (or later) users out of MOULa when support.cyanworlds.com is down.

Fix for forgotten logins when removable media attached

CWE PR #33 by Mac_Fife

Verify that your saved login/password no longer disappears when you have USB drives or CDs/DVDs inserted.

Shadowed Chat and Player List Text

CWE PR #36, MOULSCRIPT PR #23 (H-uru PR #392) by CWalther, Hoikas, and Luna

Verify that the text of the player list and chat has a shadow that makes it better readable on light and patterned backgrounds, but the text inside the big KI does not.

Bump a public neighborhood to top of list when someone links to it

CWE PR #35, MOULSCRIPT PR #22 (H-uru PR #90) by CWalther

Verify that after linking to a public neighborhood, it appears at the top of the “Public Links” list in the Nexus. This ensures that public neighborhoods that are in active use stay (near the top) on the list in the Nexus, even after their owners disappear (as is the case for the numerous dedicated Delin & Tsogal hoods that have been made over time), with no manual toggling needed, and no need for pinned hoods.

(As of 2017-03-25, this is known not to work on Minkata and is being investigated. As of 2017-03-31, the problem has been fixed and this feature is ready for testing.)

Second confirmation dialog to make accidental avatar deletion less easy

MOULSCRIPT PR #20 by D'Lanor

This makes it harder to lose an avatar by mistakenly hitting the “delete” button instead of the ”quit” button. See this discussion on the MOULa forums.

How to test: 1. Create a test avatar. 2. Log out. 3. Select the test avatar and hit delete. 4. In the first confirmation dialog press "Yes". 5. In the second confirmation dialog press "Cancel". Your test avatar should still be there. 6. Repeat steps 3 and 4. 7. In the second confirmation dialog press "Yes". Your test avatar should be gone.

KI command for deleting age journal folders

MOULSCRIPT PR #21 by D'Lanor

The /deletefolder command allows you to delete redundant age journal folders (those holding KI notes, images and marker games) from your KI. It does not touch any other type of KI folder, nor does it remove the Incoming folder, which would be bad(tm). The command is case sensitive. Only empty folders will be deleted. To restore a folder, link to the corresponding age. Note: If you try to delete the folder of the age you are in, the KI immediately restores it.

How to test: To delete a folder named Bevin for example type /deletefolder Bevin