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This page contains draft content
The content of this page is a "work-in-progress" and is subject to change. Do not place undue reliance on the completeness or accuracy of the material presented here!

OK, here it is. This page will detail MY approach to instancing, starting points, the KI and Nexus, and all of the other debates that are out there at the moment. I might take several weeks to finish this, so hang with me.

Please bring up discussion on the talk page.


Here they are in no specific order.

Starting Point

Explorers will begin at a new location: Explorer Town (I know, I might be able to find a better name). This area will have two structures: a large gate, and a building. The gate will have a journey symbol, touching it before obtaining the pillars Relto page, and after clearing the first journey, will result in the door opening (completely preventing access to the Cleft before completing the first journey). Entering it will link you to the Cleft.

The building will have a table that greeters can sit at. Another table will have a journal with a GoG logo (it will contain basic info about Uru. The table will also have a Relto linking book. On the left page of the linking book a note from Zandi will be there, basically saying that if you want to get to D'ni quickly you can use this book, but please head to the Cleft if you want to get your journey started. Using the book will add Relto and the instancing bookmarks to your inventory (see Instancing section). There will also be a working KI vending machine so players don't have to link all the way to Gahressen to pick up a KI. A table will also contain the Blue Spark Island Relto page.

Explorer Town is basically a way to allow players choice: they can either immediately get a Relto book and head to a Bevin, or they can continue through the Cleft at their own pace. The Cleft reward differs if you get a Relto book immediately in Explorer Town, or go through the Cleft. If one gets the book first, players will receive the First Journey Pillars Relto page. If they clear the Cleft first, they receive a Relto book with the page already in it.

The reason the gate is there is because the third space in a players bookshelf will be filled with an Explorer Town linking book. Players can return there during the first journey, but they won't be able to open the gate. Finally, everyone gets a Relto. There will be no D'ni apartments, no houses, and the DRC can grumble all they want. The Great Shaft area will be made available at our own pace, so we won't have to build that entire area before the first new release.


Before I continue, here is my instancing proposal. It will work like [Instancing - Bookmarks|the bookmark instancing proposal]. However, each player will receive four bookmarks; Authentic (Public), Group (Group Leader's Private Instance), Neighborhood (Your Neighborhood's Instance), and finally, Private (Your Instance). The bookmarks will be available for every Age except Nexus, all neighborhoods (including public hoods like Bevin, Kirel, Seret, and others), and of course, Relto. Journey Doors will operate in a way so that when Player A touches the hand symbol, they are brought into the door area, than the door closes, preventing players from "cheating" other players into a Bahro Cave. This applies on the basic Ages, and the Cleft. The doors will operate the same way in Delin/Tsogal. Portals will only appear to the player who actually activated them. Objects which can't use bookmarks (like Portals) will link to a Authentic instance (except for Bahro Caves, they are tied to Relto [the Pellet Bahro Cave is tied to whoever owns the Er'cana/Ahnonay instance]). This means the player starts in a PUBLIC Explorer Town and Cleft. They can also link to a hood, make a group of players needing to clear the Cleft, and then link to it. In this way hoods can be used to allow players to meet other players of the same caliber, create a group, and explore Uru that way. However, if a group leader has not unlocked a Age, the group instance of that Age will be barricaded. Players can check what Ages are available in the group section of the KI. The group leader can also barricade specific Ages they don't want the group to access. Since all areas of D'ni are the same Age, once a group leader links to the Great Stair, for instance, the Strip Mall Balcony group instance is unlocked. Now, what about Relto? A group leader can choose whether to have their Relto instance available to the group. If they choose yes, the Group Leader Relto book is unlocked in ALL members Relto's. Finally, hoods are not part of this proposal for a reason. They will be discussed in detail in the KI and Nexus section.