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This page contains draft content
The content of this page is a "work-in-progress" and is subject to change. Do not place undue reliance on the completeness or accuracy of the material presented here!





  • OpenUru Forums - Central forums for Myst and Uru project development, discussion and ideas exchange.
  • OpenUru Wiki - Myst and Uru community contributions and project documentation.
  • OpenUru Blogs - Myst and Uru project blogs for development journals and news.
  • OpenUru Chat - Chat channel for realtime discussions.
  • Community Portal - OpenUru Wiki Community Portal.
  • OpenUru Foundry - Minkata Shard signup; build & development tools.
  • OpenUru Support - OpenUru.org and Foundry's Minkata Test Shard support ticket system.

Forum Membership And Posting

Forum group membership is an important part of being able to post and participate in some projects. The OpenUru.org forums and wiki use group membership to help prevent spamming.

Forum Registration
You are asked during the registration process for an Invitation Code to prevent automated registration by spambots. The code is currently "Shorah". If it does not work for you, please email Webmaster@OpenUru.org.

Forum Membership
After you register and your account is validated, you are automatically a member of the "Registered Users" usergroup. Registered Users can see forums, but cannot post replies, create new topics, or edit the wiki. Follow the instructions at the link below to join the Members usergroup and begin posting new threads and editing the wiki. The "Members" usergroup is an open usergroup and does not need Group Leader approval. Some Project Groups may have their own Usergroup to allow posting to their specific forums.

Detailed Forum & Wiki Membership Instructions

To find and join more Project Groups, go the the User Control Panel's Usergroups and join selected Usergroups. Some Project Groups require a request to be approved by a Group Leader. Others might be closed from view and require invitations.

Have fun. Make a difference.

The Wiki

To minimize spam vandalism, only members who:
1) have registered on the forums,
2) have joined the forum Members user group, and
3) have validated their wiki email address are able to edit the wiki. Use your forum user name and password to log in.


Blogs are available to OpenUru.org projects. If you would like to start a project, please see forum topic How to request a new project