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(Saturday, Feb 11th:)
(Thursday, Feb 9th:)
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==== Thursday, Feb 9th: ====  
==== Thursday, Feb 9th: ====  
* 14:00 - D'ni Musicological Research Hood: [http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=381675#381675 the Adi*tional Celebration Party]
==== Friday, Feb 10th: ====  
==== Friday, Feb 10th: ====  

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Please ask us if you'd like to have your event posted here
This page is provided for you to publicize your events and newsworthy items, which should be related to the Myst/Uru metaverse. Other notices may be accepted at the discretion of the administration team.

February 2012

February 4th-11th: MOULA Second Anniversary Celebrations!

February marks several anniversaries in Uru history – some happy, some sad. This year, as we celebrate the second anniversary of the re-opening of the cavern, we also acknowledge the community’s past, including the times we lost access to the cavern. With the CAVCON Meter currently at 3 (donations are roughly equal to MO:ULagain expenses), we should be acutely aware of those times and appreciate what we have while we still have it.

"Memories of the Cavern" is the theme of a week long festival of events from Saturday, February 4th to Saturday, February 11th to celebrate the anniversary and raise awareness of the current state of the CAVCON meter. Anyone and everyone is invited to organize an event for the festival. Please post the details here and it will be added to the schedule here and at the Guild of Messengers for promotion.

Thanks to Nev'yn for spearheading this and others for assisting him in getting it organized.

The schedule so far:

All times are cavern KI (mountain) time. Cavern time is GMT minus 7 hours and you can find your time relative to that here.

Saturday, Feb 4th:

Sunday, Feb 5th:

Monday, Feb 6th:

Tuesday, Feb 7th:

Wednesday, Feb 8th:

Thursday, Feb 9th:

Friday, Feb 10th:

Saturday, Feb 11th:

Nev'yn wrote:
It is asked all "event sponsors" begin and end their events with reminder about the Cavcon level and a request for donations to Cyan. Let us give thanks for the Cavern's reopening and raise the meter back to Cavcon 4 and beyond!

(Original MOUL forum post: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=381497#381497)

December 2011

December 21st: Minkata testing shard opens!

OpenUru.org's "Minkata" Shard for testing fan fixes is now open to the public. Initially this will be more or less a copy of Cyan's MOULa so that the shard can get a shakedown, but afterwards the first fan fixes will be put up for test.

See the Minkata Test Shard forum section for more details.

April 2011

April 6th: Cyan releases Open Source!

Cyan Worlds announces the release of the CyanWorlds.com Engine (Plasma) as Open Source!

See the CyanWorlds.com Engine page for full details

April 6th: OpenUru.org releases MOSS!

OpenUru.org announces the release of MOSS, the Myst Online Server Software!

See the MOSS Project page for full details.