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Project and Resource Information

  • How to request a new project - What you need to do to start a new project here on OpenUru.org
  • Project List - List of our current projects and resources: This includes creative (e.g. Age development) and non-developmental (e.g. infrastructure) projects.


  • Cyan Worlds Sources And Tools - Download locations for the original CyanWorlds.com Engine raw sources, 3ds Max plugin binary, Wave emote source and KI source

Open Source Project Pages

  • CyanWorlds.com Engine - Introductions and details for the CyanWorlds.com Engine, previously known as "Plasma"
  • MOSS - Details of a'moaca's Myst Online Server Software
  • WireShark Plugin - Description and instructions for a'moaca's plugin for Wireshark


Note that the OpenUru Foundry website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect transactions. You should install the self-signed security certificate in your browser and repository clients before using the Foundry. Details are provided on the Foundry Certificate Installation page. However, the respositories are available via http or https.

Foundry accounts are separate from Forum/Wiki accounts and you will probably need to create an account to use many of the Foundry facilities.

Foundry Tools

  • JIRA Tracking - JIRA main page/dashboard (Bug/Issue tracking, Project Planning, Release Management)
  • Fisheye - Fisheye main page/dashboard (Fisheye source browser, Crucible code review tools)
  • Jenkins - (previously known as Hudson) Continuous Integration Build Manager
  • Mantis Tracking - Mantis main page (Bug/Issue tracking for legacy or smaller projects)
  • Minkata Test Shard - Signup for the Minkata Test Shard running CyanWorlds.com Engine on the MOSS server

Foundry and Bitbucket Repositories

Note: Read-only access to the repositories is available anonymously or by using Username: guest and Password: guest.

Bitbucket: These repositories are mirrored and synchronized nightly on Bitbucket.


  • CWE - Repository for CyanWorlds.com Engine Client (Plasma) and 3DS Max plugin: Cyan Worlds, Inc. release
  • CWE-ou - Repository for CyanWorlds.com Engine Client (Plasma) and 3DS Max plugin: Community release
  • MOULSCRIPT - Repository for Python/script files for CWE: Cyan Worlds, Inc. release
  • MOULSCRIPT-ou - Repository for Python/script files for CWE: Community release
  • MOSS - Repository for MOSS, a Myst Online/CWE server from a'moaca'


  • Wireshark Plugin - Subversion repository for the Wireshark Plugin, from a'moaca'