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This page lists known Open Source shards, with a basic description and contact details. To have your shard listed, please add details to this forum thread:

Please note that this list is for shards running Open Source server software only and run in accordance with Cyan's content licensing rules.

Shard Name 
The preferred name of the shard, i.e. the name by which it's owner(s) would like it to be known.
Server S/W 
The server software used by the shard, e.g. MOSS, Dirtsand, Cyan.
The access type of the shard, Public, Invitation or Private.
Test Use 
Whether this shard is available for test use or not: Yes, No.
Brief description of the shard, any key features.
Shard Site URL 
Website associated with the shard, e.g. location for client download.
Contact detail for shard admin. Preferably a link to a forum profile.

The table below is sortable.

Shard Name Server S/W Type Test Use Description Shard Site URL Contact
Windring MOSS Public No Planned shard - Cyan content (not served, as per license restrictions) and fan content vetted by GoMa Not advised rplawrence
Not advised MOSS Private Yes Private testing Not advised Mystler
Example Example Example Example Example Example Example