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Style Guide for Page Titles

Some simple rules to stop page titles creating problems with the Wikimedia software:

":" is a Namespace Delimiter

Avoid using ":" in page titles. If you need to add a spacer to a title use a hyphen with a space either side, e.g. use Project - My Project Page instead of Project:My Project Page.

In Wikimedia, the ":" symbol is used to delimit a Namespace name from a Page name, e.g. Template:Protected indicates that the page called "Protected" is in the namespace "Template". Namespaces are a way of organising pages according to how they are used; sometimes this affects the behaviour of the page so it is important not to accidentally assign pages to incorrect namespaces. Most pages you create will reside in the Main or "null" namespace, and the namespace need not be specified for these.

"/doc" is a Documentation Suffix

Avoid using "/doc" as part of a page title.

Documentation pages for things like templates will use the /doc suffix, e.g. Template:TOClimit/doc, so "/doc" should only be included if you are manually creating one of these documentation pages.