PhysX Update Testing (Minkata.71)

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Testing Results

The following table records results and observations from testing of the updated physics in the Minkata.71 client build. If you have any additional observations or test points please feel free to add them: If you're uncomfortable with editing the wiki page directly, post your comments on the forums (Minkata Shard Update Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 [Minkata.71]) and someone will copy your notes to here.

Age Category Action Designated Tester Results
Ahnonay Vehicles Chair Ride (Sphere 4)
Ahnonay Jump From island to rock to rock to water (Sphere 1)
Ahnonay Avatar Swimming (Sphere 1)
Ahnonay Avatar Climbing onto platform from water (Sphere 1)
Ahnonay Environmental Linking to Final Cloth in Hut
Ahnonay Environmental Entering Shell Portal
Ahnonay Cathedral N/A N/A N/A
Cleft Jump Hole in Hanging Bridge
Cleft Avatar Windmill animation
Cleft Avatar Broken Bridge
D'ni (City Island) Kickables Cones (if enabled) N/A
D'ni (City Island) Jump Up on crates on Rooftop
Dereno N/A N/A N/A
Descent Environmental Walk spiral walkway up & down shaft
Eder Delin N/A N/A N/A
Eder Gira Environmental Fumerole to Journey Cloth
Eder Gira Environmental Fumerole over Rock Pile
Eder Gira Jump From journey cloth on ledge down to fumerole in lava
Eder Gira Jump From fumerole above lava to ledge under bridge
Eder Gira Jump Should not be able to easily climb over Rock Pile (compare to Gehn Shard)
Eder Gira Jump (Optional) to pipe over bridge from small rock pedestal
Eder Gira Kickables Fishing Baskets. Should include crossing them with fireflies...
Eder Gira Should not be able to cross 2nd water w fireflies w/o baskets
Eder Kemo Jump Up to ledge with journey cloth
Eder Kemo Jump In puffer garden, from wall to rock & then to ledge with Relto page
Eder Tsogal Avatar Effects when running through water?
Er'cana Vehicles Harvester
Er'cana Vehicles Elevator in Baking Room
Er'cana Environmental Entering Shell Portal
Er'cana Avatar Climbing down the ladder with backpack
Er'cana City Silo N/A N/A
Everywhere Avatar Using KI while sitting
Everywhere Avatar Using KI while dancing
Everywhere Avatar Walking on surfaces should be normal
Everywhere Avatar Using KI while run-jumping
Gahreesen Vehicles Elevators up and down in 1st building
Gahreesen Jump Cross gap on 1st floor
Gahreesen Jump Up broken wall
Gahreesen Jump To and From spinning platforms and rock in the middle outdoors
Gahreesen Jump In and out of rotating wall
Gahreesen Jump From rock to Bahro Cave Door
Gahreesen Kickables Bones in prison room with relto page
Great Tree Pub N/A N/A N/A
Great Zero N/A N/A
Guild Pubs N/A N/A N/A
Jalak Vehicles Columns Up and Down
Jalak Kickables Glowing blocks
K'veer N/A N/A N/A
Kadish Tolesa Vehicles Elevator after Moon Room
Kadish Tolesa Jump To ledge for pine tree Relto page and back
Kadish Tolesa Jump Up on crates in vault to journey cloth
Kadish Tolesa Jump Shortcut to journey cloth to avoid walking all around the gazebo with the gallery book & 1st scope
Kadish Tolesa Kickables Leaves
Minkata Kickables Soccer Ball
Minkata Environmental Entering Portal
Myst N/A N/A N/A
Negilahn N/A N/A N/A
Neighborhood Jump To ledge in light garden for Relto page
Neighborhood Kickables Cones
Neighborhood Kickables Firemarbles
Neighborhood Kickables Beach Ball
Nexus N/A N/A N/A
Payiferen N/A N/A N/A
Phil's Relto N/A N/A N/A
Relto Kickables Stones
Relto Kickables Logs
Relto Kickables Firemarbles
Teledahn Vehicles Elevator (Hut / Control Room / Douglas' Room)
Teledahn Vehicles Bucket Ride
Teledahn Jump To lower raised bridge on bamboo walkway
Teledahn Jump On metal walkway to make it drop down to mushroom
Teledahn Jump (Optional) jumping on Sharper’s bed
Teledahn Kickables Bones, stones, fish baskets in slave cave
Teledahn Environmental Door dropping in slave cave
Teledahn Avatar Effects when running through water?
Tetsonot N/A N/A N/A