Richard "ShadowCats" Bader

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Richard "ShadowCats" Bader

17 August 1962 - 24 June 2010

Perth, Australia

Shadowcats was active in the Myst/Uru community by 2003, becoming a member of the Guild of Greeters that year and being appointed as a Guild Master in July, 2004.[1] [2] He participated in the Uru Live Beta (Choru), Prologue, Until Uru, and Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era). His beloved cat, Wicket followed him in death just two months after his passing.[3]

Memberships: Ubisoft (Nov 2003), Guild of Greeters (Dec 2003), The Great Tree (Apr 2004), Myst Community (Jun 2004), Lostkin Shard (Nov 2005) WM, DRC Forums (Dec 2005), Mystralia Forums (Aug 2006)

Remembrances: Guild of Greeters forum thread by Nyrphame Danilaise: Sad News, Shadowcats Remembered (WM); Myst Online forum thread by veralun: Sad News, Shadowcats Remembered (WM)
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