Ron Hayter

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Ron Hayter

1957 - February 17, 2015

Vancouver, Canada

Also known on some forums as RSHayter or RonHayter, Ron was best known in the community for development of the programs, Riveal and Revelator which allowed users to extract sounds, movies and textures from Myst games. While the programs were appreciated by many fans, their legality was sometimes questioned,[1] but a post by Chogon put those concerns to rest.[2] Ron was a long time Myst fan and attended Mysterium 2003 in Spokane.[3]

Memberships: The Lyst[4], Ubisoft Forums (Oct 2004), MYSTcommunity Forums (Dec 2004), MOUL Forums (Feb 2007), Guild of Writers Forums (Mar 2010)

Remembrances: The Vancouver Sun (WM); Aug 26, 2015 MYSTcommunity forum post by realXCV: He’s… dead.
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