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Standards for Discussion & Debate

This is the future home of the compilation of information from forum discussions on the Standards.

While the discussion is primarily for the Uru fan community it is open to others.

Current Intent Discussion

Forum Discussion on Standards for Discussion & Debate

Section Intent

SD&D or Standards for Discussion & Debate - Civil discourse and debate are essentials of a free and civil society and any community. Use of intellectually dishonest tactics and ad homonym rhetoric detract from a community’s ability to advance and grow. Because of the political rhetoric flooding the news over healthcare, economy and global warming it is becoming more important than ever to understand how to reason, recognize clear thinking and debate civilly. With the coming of Myst Online Open Uru the fan community is mirroring RL stresses and problems as it strives to grow to something beyond MOUL.

The forum discussion is to help people understand the predictable dynamics of high conflict personalities and those with strong beliefs and provide a history for how this information was decided on. In the forum it is about discussing debate skills and styles, rational logic and establishing rules and/or guidelines to increase effective discussion. Here in the wiki it is the intent to summarize suggested rules, examples and guidelines.

Section Outline

This is a draft of the outline. Discussion regarding it is in this thread: SD&D Outline & Wiki Additions


Theories on Rules

This section covers the ideas on the styles of rule systems. It covers the range of complex and tightly defined to simple and loosely defined and the benefits and problems of each. The Theories

Suggested Rules

These are the suggested rules. Suggested Rules

Suggested Guidelines

This section covers guidelines. The guides give one a more detailed and nuanced frame work for considering the rules. Suggested Guidelines

Definitions & Examples


Definitions are provided to give everyone a basic starting place and framework for what is meant but terms used in the rules and guideline. Definitions


Examples are provided to illustrate the concepts and subtleness on which some rules and guidelines are based. Examples