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February 2012

Surface name: Lisa Watson

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

SIL_OH_WET on the forums, sil_oh_wet in the cavern, and just "Sil" to her friends, Lisa was an active explorer during the early Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) days, participating in many storylines, hosting dance parties in the Kahlo Pub and hosting events in her neighborhood. "sil_oh_wet’s Bevin" was a popular place in those days, used to summon Yeesha (and she actually appeared)[1], a gathering place to wait for news from Rils when he went on an expedition to Negilahn with Douglas Sharper[2], and of course for parties, including the weekly Karaoke. Karaoke nights were Sil's idea and she organized and hosted them for several months before sharing the duties with other D'niJs. When the cavern closed in April 2008, the event continued in Second Life and continues to this day, both in SL and in the cavern.

Memberships: MOUL Forum (Oct 2006), DRC forums (Oct 2006), SIL_OH_WET / Lisa's Flickr photo page, Lisa Watson's (SIL_OH_WET) PhotoBucket

Remembrances: MOUL forum thread by Dudemom: Passing of Sil-Oh-Wet (WM); MOUL forum post by Lobo: Rememberances of Sil-Oh-Wet (WM); The D'ni Voice: Remembrance (WM)
  1. aaronius MOUL forum post about Yeesha's appearance (WM)
  2. vortmax's MOUL forum post on Ril's trip to Negilahn (WM)