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See Starting Point Debate. Basically, people want the starting point to be both logical and quick (for new players or second avatars, etc.).


You start in a singleplayer area right outside the fence around the Cleft. You can't really walk anywhere, and most of the background is just flat textures (to make this as small and quick loading as possible).

Next to you is a little tent/stand (basically a desk with stuff protecting it from the wind and possible rain. There's a bunch of Relto books on it, and one is open in the center. There's a note or sign by Zandi that tells you these things - that you can pick up one of the books and use it if you want - that you should do this if you need to get to friends or business faster - that if you don't need to do so, you should just leave the books there and open the gate in the fence and visit him). There's also a bunch of leaflets left there by some cavern association (the DRC maybe, or the GoG) that explain how to get to a neighborhood, and how in general to get around Uru.

If you link through the Relto book, then you'll have a pedestal with a book to the Cleft, and you can go back to there at any time (and people you invite to Relto can go with you to help).

If you put down the book and open the gate (in the fence) instead, then the game loads the Cleft. You meet Zandi and he helps you with the Journey. At the end of this, you get a Relto book with the page for the journey pillars already in it.

Some Implications

Everyone gets a Relto. DRC members deal with it, just as they dealt with it in the past, just as Esher dealt with the "bahro abominations".

The tunnels can be developed slower, since they aren't instantly needed for the game. They come in later as a new explorable area. Perhaps to get into them, you need multiple people (like, one person lifts the other over the fence?) and so it just plain can't be accessed in the beginning (so people don't go without Relto Books).