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  • (Marten) How does sharing work with this instancing plan? Examples: Can private instances be accessed through nexus? When traveling from Eder Gira to Eder Kemo, and one is in a friend's private Gira, does one land in the friend's Kemo without using "share book" ?


  • (Marten) Regarding the problem of "controlling who gets end-of-Age rewards" - this plan doesn't seem to solve that at all, it works just the same as MOUL from my reading of it. In MOUL, everyone in garden Ages got the reward together, so that's exactly the same. In MOUL, the problems involving rewards involved Ahnonay and then K'veer. Ahnonay was a private Age, not 'hood instanced and not public. Players had to invite others to complete the Age, but only the Age owner could obtain the final rewards from the Age. This annoyed some people. Then, the age of Myst was distributed through K'veer, which was a public Age but one that could only be reached if one had solved Ahnonay, and MYST was added to Relto's bookshelf and invites could be sent for it. (K'veer is not noted as being private in your list of private Ae'gura areas.) People who had not earned K'veer, and thus did not have access to MYST, were able to get to MYST through the Relto bookshelves of friends who had completed Ahnonay. Apparently this upset some people as well - including Cyan, who then disabled the ability to send invitations to MYST.